Friday, 12 December 2014

Christmas Gift Guide:: For Men

I am lying in bed sick for the second day. Seriously. Someone save me. 

Given I am so incredibly busy in bed, I've put together a gift guide for men. 

Notoriously difficult to buy for, I've done some trouble shooting that will mean you'll score a slam dunk in the gift giving department. Go on. Get shopping.

1. Hookey Board from The SuperCool $40: Hours of fun, he can brood all he likes while getting points on the board with this classic. 

2. Grown Alchemist Body Cleanser 500ml $34.95: Have you smelt this? Well you jolly well should. It's sublime, and anything that gets him into the shower gets the tick of approval from this wife. 

3. The Chivas Shave from The Barber Shop $48: I am a really big fan of giving experiences - and I love the idea of a traditional cutthroat razor shave, while he enjoys a Chivas Signature cocktail. That's pretty sweet. 

4. Sveg Overnight bag from Elk $245: Plant the seed, watch it grow. Give him this beautiful overnight bag and he might take the hint and whisk you away on a romantic getaway. A girl's got to dream.

5. Makr Bottle Key from Mr Kitly $18: Made to blend into your keys (but not be turned into one) this bottle opener is pretty nifty to have, and I think makes a practi-cool gift for the guy on the run.

6. D.R. Harris Windsor Eau de Toilette 100ml from Saison $89.95: A fresh citrus fragrance that warms into black pepper and vetiver - YUM! Traditional, understated and good hit of summery goodness. 

7. LAMY Al-Star Rollerball Pen from Notemaker $49: I am a bit of a pen nerd, so sue me. No don't. But seriously, there's nothing nicer than writing with a good pen. Maybe you'll even get a love letter or 52. 

8. Extreme Speed Boat Ride - 60 mins for 2 people from Red Balloon $140: I took Matt on one of these for a wedding anniversary gift. Despite his reluctance (and my super excitement) he loved it. It was THE BEST FUN EVER!!! Looking at him on this was like looking at a puppy with its head sticking out the car window soaking up life (in the best possible way). Honestly. We got off this ride, and immediately started thinking about who we could gift it to. It's SO MUCH FREAKING FUN! 

9. The Art of Sourdough bread making class at Brasserie Bread $140: We don't need more things, but we knead bread. HA! See what I did there. I'd be pretty wrapt if Matt started baking a fresh loaf here and there.

10. A goat from Oxfam Unwrapped $39: You read it right! Give the man a goat. It'll give everyone plenty to smile about. 

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