Sunday, 7 December 2014

Yo! Yo! Yo! Talking Christmas.

Over the next week I'm excited to be sharing with you some short, snappy interviews I did with some of my very, very favourite bloggers. 

Christmas is a really special time of the year for many people. I myself have always loved it, the decorating, the thinking about what to give people, the carols, catching up with old friends, and the general festivities, life feels buzzy and exciting. 

But today I thought I'd share my view on Christmas. It's like a mini-interview with moi, to share why Christmas is special to me. A selfie-interview if you will. 

What do you do on Christmas eve? 
Madly wrap presents. Matt's family has their European tradition, so sometimes it's a family gathering. But generally it's madly wrapping presents and getting ready for Santa's visit. And then not being able to sleep because I am so excited. 

Tell me your favourite Christmas childhood memory.
My grandparents, Mars and Gramps, had an enclosed verandah on their house. They lived out on a big property that we loved to roam when we were small. Christmas was when the house was heaving with all the cousins, running around. We played endless rounds of Mah Jong, built cubby houses down by the creek, and used to dig for old coins and pieces of glass in the remains of a very old house. 

Mars kept the deep freezer filled with Zooper Doopers, and I remember the stifling hot, oppressive summer, choosing one of those icy treats was a real highlight - life was good. I remember going to bed on Christmas Eve and I to this day swear - I could hear the bells on Santa's sleigh as he flew through the night sky. 

What did you leave out for Santa? 
Usually a beer. Some biscuits or fruit cake, and absolutely a big bowl of water and some carrots and oats for the reindeer. 

What time do you get up on Christmas morning?
Early. Too early. The Doctor and Tiny are avid early risers. But  I can't complain, it's what makes Christmas so exciting.

Favourite part of Christmas?
My kids are my favourite part of Christmas. They make it magical. I love listening to them opening their presents. That innocence and excitement, I just wish I could bottle it. 

What's on your wish list this year?
Not much really, but I would love a new hydrangea. But I'd be happy with a handmade card. They always make me happy. 

What's one thing you'll be gifting/giving this year? 
I have not even started shopping yet! I can never go past the OxFam Unwrapped gifts. They're funny, clever - and they give to people who really need. Every year I like to buy some of these because they give back. And that's awesome. 


sophie said...

Mah Jong is a tradition in my family too! Sometimes there will be three games going at once! (its a big family!)

little bird big chip said...

that picture!! i wish i could find a santa with some sweet hounds to get my picture taken