Friday, 5 December 2014

This one time I had a new car: 6 tips if you're in a car accident (sp)

Have I ever told you about the time I was driving our new car? This was some years ago now, but we'd had said car for a few months. I was pretty stoked. I've never owned my own car, so the elation was off the charts. When Matt and I met, fell in love, had babies, married (yes in that order) we got a new car. That we shared. I was thrilled. 

It was exciting times my friends. It really was. Nothing beats that fresh new car smell. Not even that fake new car smell you can buy at the supermarket.

Anyway, I was driving to a supermarket (not to purchase the fake new car smell) and thinking how we had had the new car for almost a year (when does a new car become a not new car?), and how in that time there had been no bingles. I was happy. 

And then a car ran up the back of me. 

Seriously. She ran up the back of my car because she wasn't looking. She was looking at other cars. GAH! 

So I began thinking - because I thought about our pristine car not having a bingle, did my thoughts make it happen?

I was pretty bummed. But everyone was ok. And that was good.

Then I realised I didn't really know what to do. 

Here are some tips on what to do if you're in a car accident: 

1. Ensure no one is injured. If someone is injured - even if it's suspected, call an Ambulance.

2. Exchange details with the other driver - ensure you get name, phone number, address, licence number. If the car is not registered in the driver's name - try and get all the details of the registered owner too.

3. And if they won't give them to you? Make sure you get down their plates, the make and model of the car, colour etc. 

4. Not all accidents need to be reported to the police. Call the police if: someone is injured, a driver did not stop and give their details, a vehicle was towed away.

5. Gather details. It's important to get any witnesses names and contact details, just in case you need to call on them. 

6. Seek legal advice. If in doubt, seek legal advice. Firths The Compensation Lawyers can help you navigate through this difficult time.

This post is sponsored by Firths The Compensation Lawyers. 


jess said...

I know that feeling too well my dear, we had our new car for one week ( 7 days and four hours to be precise ) before some bozo T-boned me....... waaahhh!!!!
he was looking at a shopping trolley in the gutter instead of the stop sign!! total bummer :(
jess (@may_grace)

CB said...

Great advice Lexi :)

Also found out recently that the driver must produce their licence in an accident. It is illegal in NSW to not give your name and address to the other driver.

I found this out the hard way when I was hit by a large truck of a courier company.
The driver flatly refused to give over any personal details, except his name. He claimed that the company would pay for repairs and therefore did not need to produce his licence to prove his identity and so forth. I ended up speaking to his supervisor and he was just as unhelpful. I had witnesses and then had to waste my time following it all up with the police down at the station (x2). The police were great and yes, what I had in my mind was correct, that a license must be produced, even if it is a company vehicle. To make matters worse, I was 32 weeks pregnant and the other driver was an arrogant and rude person, even though he was at fault. After a trip to the hospital and the police station, I finally got to the bottom of it and ironically the driver still tried to argue with the police officer insisting he did not have to hand over his licence due to the company vehicle being driven.

At least I know now what the requirements are and I should have just called the police then and there to intervene on my behalf. Hindsight is always a blessed thing!

Mel said...

A post sponsored by lawyers? Seriously?
I used to really enjoy this blog, but I can't relate to you anymore.
You seemed down to earth but now the blog is filled with over-priced wish lists and posts about the latest product you are trying to push.
Just take a look at your comments. You get a lot when you write as the person we have read for years. It's a ghost town when you force it.

Lexi Kentmann said...

Thanks for your feedback Mel. Of course I value it, but I also feel like I need to put my point across.

My life is not all beer and skittles. I work really hard, I work full time, I mother two children, I'm married and I blog too. And I have to pay the bills. I have so many bloody bills coming out my ears - and even worse - reminder notices to tell me I haven't paid the bills - oh and PS we're going to slug you an extra $30 for not paying your bills on time. This year has been really difficult.

So when I get your comment - I think yep, fair play. But be kind Mel. Because life is hard and you don't know what my life is - just as I don't know what yours is.

Lexi Kentmann said...

Thanks for your feedback CB. That's really terrible to read this. It must have been incredibly stressful, I am glad the police were able to help you, but heck, it shouldn't have had to come to that. Sending you big love. x

Lexi Kentmann said...

NOOOOO!!!! That's shocking. GAH!!! I hope everyone was ok. xxx

Sunday Collector said...

I second what Lexi says. Be kind, Mel.

Rach @ mogantosh said...

Sorry but I think Lexi and Sunday are both being too kind.

Mel, if you've read Lexi for years I assume you feel a connection to her, understand her a little, have formed an idea of the person she is. (Exceptionally nice and cool, actually.) So why be mean? You have every right to stop reading if her blog doesn't float your boat anymore but just because there IS a comments section doesn't mean that you should use that venue to speak for 'everybody'. Who is everybody?

Write to Lexi if you have constructive ideas on improving her blog Mel. Don't do it publicly. It's a bit of a mean girl stunt and it's shit like this that makes it hard for bloggers to write honestly or controversially.

I not like it.

Beauty Bee said...

I love how varied topically you're blog posts are :) As someone who is 25 and still does not have her license (yes that is possible!) this will come in handy when I DO get my license next year (I can feel it - next year will be the year!) xo

Mel said...

I actually think you are being the mean girl.
I wasn't swearing or carrying on like you have done.
Nowhere in my comment did I speak for anybody but myself.
I am sorry you have bills Lexi. But I don't believe in talking about products because you get paid to do so, should take away your integrity. Would you talk about compensation lawyers if you were not being paid?

Lexi Kentmann said...

Mel, you only know me from the very small amount of me that I put onto my blog. When you walk a mile in my shoes, then you'll be in a position to judge me.

Lexi Kentmann said...

YES! You can do this!! 2015 is going to be a bright and beautiful year. You can absolutely get your licence next year! There's no hurry! But you can do it. I believe in you x

Beauty Bee said...

Thank you Lexi! I'm starting to believe it myself to :D Sometimes we need that little cheer squad don't we? And that is what the new years is all about - new ideas, renewed motivation new opportunities, I have a good feeling about 2015 for the both of us ;) We can do it!

Eoz said...

So proud to see you evolve. Being an artist and getting paid is always a contention... But why if someone wants to be a doctor is it ok to charge Money for that? Why can a Dr be rich and an artist not. We don't nesecarily choose what we want to be and how big our pay chqs are.
I'm so stoked to have known you all these years and see where your at now. I only hope you continue to grow and do what makes you happy as you are the real deal....