Thursday, 15 January 2015

Date night = great night

 images: Joe Frost's current exhibition at Watters Gallery 

My Mum has been down helping with the kids while the school holidays are on.

It's been such a huge help - she cooks, cleans, entertains, declutters, gardens, weeds, and so much more. It's so nice coming home to my Mum.

And as a bonus - Matt and I have been able to go on a couple of date nights together. SCORE!

The first date was to see Taken3.  And then a really below par, horrible meal at Miss Chu that made me feel cross.

The second date was last night - an art exhibition opening, followed by dinner at iconic low-brow Bill  & Toni's. And it was awesome. No expectations, just hanging out looking at art, and then a quick and cheap meal together, chatting. It was gold. 

Now I'm thinking we need to have at least one date a month for the year. I know this is a great thing for our relationship, so we gotta aim high! 

So my ingredients for a most excellent date night are?

- an activity that gives you something to talk about: an exhibition is ace, a movie is great, or even just people watching

- follow it up with dinner/coffee/something so you can sit and chat about what you've seen
- I am a cheap date. I like simple things, and fancy things are not for me. My favourite meal out would be an awesome burger. And a beer. And plenty of conversation. And then maybe a gelato. 

I asked some friends what their secrets to a good date are:

1. 'A dude.'

2. '500gm personality

450gm attraction
Add a sprinkle of class, chivalry and a touch of humour... 
Stir well with great location...
Garnish with a couple of cocktails...
Then leave for 2-3 days to settle...
However you'll know well before that if the recipe worked...'

3. 'Mojitos.' 

4. 'Dont be a tightass.'

5. 'A: Free Babysitting with no end time B: Actually that's about it.'

6. 'A good bottle of wine, dinner out, no dishes, no children and no time limits... I'm also totally in to dumplings, beer and a movie!'

7. 'To have a date in the first place hahaha...'

What's your secret to a great date? 

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