Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Getting School Ready (sp)

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I can barely believe the school holidays are almost over. Gasp! I love school holidays, it's relaxed. There's no school lunches, no morning rush, no fossicking through the laundry searching for clean uniforms. It's living the dream. Ha! Particularly when I am on holidays from work too. 

But these holidays I've decided to use the time to get a bit organised. When the kids got sent home last week of term with a list of stationery requirements for the year ahead - I sighed. It felt like forever away. But fast-forward and we're just a few weeks off being back in the grind, so together with Officeworks, I'm sharing my top tips on how to get your child school-ready. 

1. Talk about it: Don't go into the cone of silence, talk about school. Talk about what it's going to be like (particularly if they haven't started school), talk about teachers, about friends, maybe even talk about playground politics (because heck, we have SO been there). We talk about the year that has been - and what a big year it was - recognise this, and then talk about all the opportunities that lie ahead. Communicating allays fears and helps their growing minds. 

2. Involve them: When you're getting prepped for school - you might just want to knock it all over by yourself (we all know that's quicker), but by involving your child, you can make them feel like the captain of their school-ship. I let my kids have input into things like lunch boxes, school shoes (but they have to be fitted properly), and a couple of key rings on a school bag helps them feel like they're personalising their kit!

3. Sleep isn't for the weak: While I could sleep for the week, my kids love to stay up late in the holidays, and they love to get up early too. Sigh. A couple of weeks before school goes back, start that nice routine again so that they are getting enough rest. I also wind down activities in this period too so they're not so tired from running about everywhere. We stay home and have quiet days, playing board games and soaking up the together-ness. Children love routine, and love to know what's happening next, so if you can set this up early, it should help to make things easier.

4. Cut corners: I'm not usually one for cutting corners, but if you can outsource something. Outsource it. Officeworks has a free School List Service that allows you to submit your list at your local store - and their team members will pick and pack on your behalf for free. They'll even call or SMS you when it's ready to collect. 

5. Start a scrapbook: School lunches get so. darn. boring. Start a scrapbook with lunch ideas so you're never stuck for fresh, nutritious ideas. (I love this Studymate MegaMonster scrapbook for just 88cents!)

Officeworks has also just launched a new app for growing minds - suitable for both primary and secondary students, that's fun and educational. Check it out! 

It would be remiss not to mention Officeworks support for The Smith Family's Back to School Appeal - aimed at helping 638,000 disadvantaged Australian children succeed at school. You can buy a donation stationery card in store, or go online and help provide a child with their school needs. 

Are you ready to get back to school? 

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