Thursday, 23 April 2015

5 of the best umbrellas

This weather has been so crazy in NSW. Blustery, bitter, rainy and ridiculous. 

Which brings me to this. An umbrella is imperative in anyone's at home repertoire. 

Which in turn brings me to this. My five favourite brollies to keep you cool, calm and collected for the rainy season. 

1. Kate Spade Rose Umbrella from Lark Store $85: Yes it's exy, but it's Kate Spade. And it has roses. And it's cute as punch. And when it's grey and gloomy, this perfectly punchy brolly will keep the rain clouds at bay.

2. Clifton Windpro Navy and White Stripe umbrella from $55.95: If you're looking for large and lofty, and really want to take cover from those oversized raindrops, this jumbo-sized super-powered umbrella will do the trick. I can vouch for its awesome-ness, it gives excellent coverage and won't blow inside out. 

3. Parisienne Series Cheetah Print from ParasolUmbrellas $52.95: Ditch boring black and take shelter under some animal print - you'll tread those footpaths in serious style. Plus even the handle is cheetah print. What's not to like? 

4. Senz XXL Golf Umbrella $99: It's an investment but it comes with some serious credentials. Winner of all major design awards globally, the aerodynamic design of the Senz umbrella means it won't flip - not even at winds exceeding 100kph. That's some seriously sweet design. 

5. Gina and May Grasshopper umbrella $59.95: Definitely one of my favourites for the retro tip of the  hat to polka dots, print and colour. Fun, full of personality, and super cool for super dreary days. 

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