Friday, 24 April 2015

8 Mother's Day Gift Ideas:: Blog Hop!

With Mother's Day just a breath away, I've been thinking of things I'd love to give to my Mum. Gifts with personality, spunk and style always resonate, so without further ado - let's do this thing!

1. Naomi Murrell 'Thrills' Token $75 (on sale): After a good friend gifted me a Naomi Murrell ring with a teeny tiny bell on it, I've pretty well become obsessed. Cute, quirky and totally of the moment (while having that certain enduring style that you could keep on wearing), it's fun to wear. I love this necklace, because at first glance it's a regular little pendant, but on closer inspection, it's all about the thrills. Sums me up.

2. Nancybird Lounge Gown - Woodland $149: Don't tell anyone, but I wouldn't wear this at home. I'd wear it out. All the time. It's beautiful, draped, long lines, the perfect palette, and the print - well it's pretty well my dream jacket to pair back with a pair of jeans and some oversized jewellery. 

3. Obus Starry Night Socks $12: I am a bit of a sick puppy when it comes to socks. In the latter years, I have become addicted. Because my feet are always cold. I love these cool Turkish made socks that have style. There'll be no more borrowing Matt's anymore! 

4. Jennifer Loiselle Love Heart Sweet Message earrings 25 pounds (guys, I don't know where the pound key is): I am a massive fan girl of an Aussie in the UK. Jennifer Loiselle creates witty, wonderful jewellery that makes my heart go boompity, boompity BOOM!

5. A Table In the Orchard by Michelle Crawford $35: If you have never visited Michelle's blog 'Hugo and Elsa' you haven't lived. Michelle is living my fantasy life. And now her first book is about to launch - I can pretty well be her. Or at least cook and eat like her. Failing that, I can indulge in the incredible photographs and dream. This is not just a cookbook. It's pure indulgence. 

6. Mr Kitly - Flax Line Organic Face Washer $24: I really like having my own face washer. I get a bit annoyed when someone else in the family uses it. Call me crazy (whatevs), I really love this one. And I'd love some beautiful handmade soap to go with it too. Yes please. 

7. Craft for the Soul - How to get the most out of your creative life by Pip Lincolne $29.45: These last few months I have been looking for a crafty outlet from my work and parenting life. To make something and feel like you have instant success, or the powers of creativity wielded in your fingertips. This book holds the key.  

8. Little Tienda Catalina dress $299: Fairtrade and handmade in Mexico, I can vouch for the Catalina dress' easy beauty. Lightweight cotton it feels fabulous on - and looks just as awesome, can be belted or worn loose. 

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Steph Bond-Hutkin said...

So good Lexi, and snap on the Naomi Murrell! Love all your picks; especially you looking amazing in the Little Tienda dress. Love!

hugoandelsa said...

I'll have one of everything please! thank you for including me in such a stellar lineup! xx

Pip Lincolne said...

Aw man! Thanks a bunch for writing about my book. I love that pic of you and the frock and the plants and the looking A LOT. xx

Caz Filmer said...

Oh yes. Pips book. Awesome mothers day idea there :)

Natalie Hayllar said...

gorgeous ideas and so much fun joining the blog hop thanks