Saturday, 23 May 2015

Taylor Swift is my home girl

Have you seen this yet? 

I've got it on repeat. I am addicted. The song is great. But combined with the film clip? 


It's like a mini-film. Genius. Taylor just keeps getting better and better. And this clip makes me want to take up some kind of martial arts. 

Plus the Mariska Hargitay cameo is pretty bloody awesome. Watch out for her. I love that woman. 


Judy said...

ummmm....there is lots to like about TS, my 9 year old loves her, I think she has a huge fan base in that age group, don't think this video is sending a great message........

Lexi Kentmann said...

She does have a huge 9 yo fan base, but that's not her primary audience, so I guess it's up to parents to decide whether they let their kids watch it. I think it's freaking ace! And it's obviously purely fantasy.

Gemma Burns said...

I like the singing just before one of her compadres fires the bazouka! Gold! Hey hey does one spell campadre? commpadre? One of her mates.