Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Workwear Updates

I don't know if anyone else feels this way, but sometimes my workwear is a little zzzz, boring. And the only thing to remedy it is to find some smart separates or ace accessories to update my look. 

But let's not get confused. I've tried corporate, and I'm not it. I look like a wolf in sheep's pinstripes. What I'm talking about is looking smart, while still retaining my own style. 

Today I'm sharing 5 pieces to make your workwear more wow than whoa. 

1. Update your jewellery: A simple - and can be - inexpensive way to add some pow to your wardrobe. You could opt for a new statement necklace for some visual delight, or I love these Window earrings from Bianca Mavrick. Simple design in punchy colours, that can instantly lift your outfit for days when you're struggling to get out of bed, let alone into the office. 

2. A statement top: I bought this Heron Blue top from Nancybird for myself because I loved the design, but I also love that silk transcends the seasons, layers well and plays nicely with others ;) - I can wear this with jeans, a smart pant, or a skirt and feel dressed for style success. Plus because of the beautiful design, you need little other accessories, so you can throw it on and be out the door in record time. In fact, I have a few different tops that are similar, because they are such an easy, no-thinking required addition to my wardrobe.

3. A white shirt: For the last year or so, I've been experiencing a strong penchant for white shirts. Prior to this, I detested the shirt. I felt like I was wearing Matt's clothes. But now I've found my white shirt groove, and have them on high rotation. They're a smart staple for any working woman's wardrobe. You can wear them in a number of ways, and by far, I think it's the hardest working piece in my wardrobe. I love this Poplin Popover shirt from Country Road. Classic style at its best.

4. A show that does the talking: I am a massive fan of Habbot shoes ('scuse the pun, but they are my weakness, my good habit) because they are beautiful quality, their customer service is impeccable, and the shoes - my goodness. They are THE BEST! I have a few pairs, they're not cheap, but my mother always told me to spend money on shoes, and I can tell you - these have withstood a lot of wearing, a lot of seasons, and each pair is still going strong. I've got a mad crush on these hot pink Dodgers, but am equally sure these Hearts heels are going to be mine. 

5. A sharp jacket. That's not a jacket: Do you know how long I have looked high and low for a jacket? A long time. But I don't suit conventional workwear style jackets. I just wind up looking ridiculous. But I found this Elk Alpaca Blend Zip Cardigan and think it's the perfect winter alternative. It's still got that structured line, while remaining a little more relaxed than its uptight suit jacket contemporary.

What are your top workwear tips to go from boring to roaring?


katiecrackernuts said...

I tried on a corporate dress this week because I too am in need of a work wardrobe update. I had to return it to the rack. I was seriously going to freak out my colleagues. Freak them out. I did think about it, just for a minute, and just to freak them out. But no. No. Just no.

Babs (patchworkcactus@typepad said...

I always feel like I'm wearing dress-ups when I go corporate! These, I would wear though.