Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Travel tips?

I'm packing my bags and heading to NYC later this week. And then San Fran.

I'm excited. 
And nervous.

Nervous and excited. 

I haven't travelled much internationally. Have you?

What are your best travel tips to get through a long haul flight?
What's your can't live without thing you have to pack? 
Or are you a packing ninja? What's your tip to maximise minimal clothing?



dear olive said...

Lexi that is SO COOL! I am the worst packer ... for some reason I always pack things that I don't wear here, that I think I'll wear there, that of course end up staying in the suitcase. Have the best time, SO WISH IT WERE ME. xxxx

Reannon @shewhorambles said...

Lucky duck! Have fun x

Ali Imber said...

Hi hun, I just came back from the US in April after having visited both San Fran and NYC among a few other places.

My absolute must pack is a really good pair of noise cancelling headphones. I went all out about 18 months ago and bought the Bose (the big headphones, not the buds). Yes, the bank balance took a hit, but it was worth every cent! It will make the screaming toddler 5 seats away and the drunk footballers in front of you bearable. Also good for those internal flights when the airline wants to charge you $5 for the crappiest pair of ear buds available. Remember, for purchases over $300 you can get the GST back through the TRS at Sydney Int. Airport too.

For the US, be sure to have plenty of $1 and $5 bills for tipping. I can't stress this enough - they will stand there until you give them a tip and you don't want to have to hand over a $50!

If you get any free time in either location, I'd highly recommend purchasing the New York City Pass ( - discounted entry into all the major attractions and museums, plus, skip a couple of queues along the way! And also a San Fran tour with Alcatraz. We did this one and weren't disappointed ( - as a bonus for the inner 12 year old in me, we also got to see the Full House and Mrs Doubtfire homes, plus you get a stop at the Golden Gate Bridge as part of this tour.

With packing, I always get a couple of the large zip lock bags and place my clothes in them, roll out the air and bob's your uncle, extra space for all those necessary extra pairs of shoes!

Enjoy the fab trip xx

Feel free to give me a buzz if you want to pick my brain on anything!

Deby said...

Haven't done that in a while, but it never hurts to bring an inflatable neck cushion for the plane (and a pashmina style shawl, to cover in style), super light/airy clothes for NYC because it gets... damp (like 95% humidity) out there and a scarf/shrug/cardigan/afore mentionned shawl for the air-conditionning madness going on inside. We loved Staten Island's south beach. But whatever you chose to do, it's probably going to be awesome ;-)