Sunday, 23 August 2015

Late Blooming: Podcasts.

I am incredibly late to the party. I just finished listening to 'Serial' yesterday. 

I binged on it all week. Could barely wait for my commute (I just said that?!) to tune in and hear more about Adnan Sayed. 

Have you listened to it? Or are you like me, a late bloomer?

It consumed me so much I've now started having Adnan dreams. 

I won't give away the story, but it's intense, it's sad, and it's a compelling story. Did he or didn't he?


Because I spend two hours on the train each day, I've been looking for ways to make the time fly. 

Rach from Mogantosh suggested Mortified. It's a series where people read their truly cringe-worthy teenage writings to a live audience. 

Let's pause here and think about our own teenage writings. 

Did that just make your stomach turn? Me too. 

So this is a recipe for real hilarity. My favourite? Episode 21: Mortified's Summer Camp Spectacular. 

I really, truly did sit on the train killing myself laughing. Laughing so much I had tears running down my face. Other passengers didn't know what to make of me as I very nearly rolled in the aisle laughing (the only thing stopping me? There's no way I would touch the train floor, not even if I was covered in Domestos). 

And I didn't care if they thought I was the train freak show. It was the funniest, belly-laugh-inducing podcast ever. 


Have you got any podcast recommendations for me?

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