Saturday, 5 September 2015


Things have been a little quiet around here because life is busy. 

But not so busy that I haven't checked in here now and then to sigh at the fact I haven't posted for a couple of weeks. 

Tumbleweeds have breezed through. Sandstorms have covered the keyboard. Crickets have moved in. 

In breaking news I got my hair cut, which has been a long time coming (seven months in fact, no wonder the ends were crispy as twigs). I got a fringe. Or bangs. Whatever you want to call - them - I got them. And I bought a new hairbrush too. Evo has released a new collection of brushes and combs. I am pretty excited by this new purchase! Clearly I am easily excited.

Other good news? The weather is warming up which means I can move into short sleeves. I've loathed Winter this year. So bring on the sunshine fellas!

And I've been cracking out my Victoria Mason 'Enfold' necklace. Vic gifted me this necklace, and it is a firm favourite. I have the matching earrings too - and it's such a cool combo when worn all at once, and individually they're ace too. I love the nod to the 70s, in a current and contemporary style.

I've been reading too. Hopefully later this week I'll finish my latest and can share a short review. 

Oh and... Frocktober is on the horizon. EEP!

Stay tuned. I do want to come back. But my eyeballs are just so tired these days. 

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