Thursday, 1 October 2015

Frocktober 2015: Day 1 - Nancybird

Coming at you from Brisneyland, day 1 of Frocktober kicked off in this sweet silk Nancybird frock. 

To be honest, I was thinking I couldn't do my fourth year of frocking on - life's super busy, and I'm so tired right now I can barely keep my eyeballs open. 

But then Matt announced on his Instagram feed that I was doing it - so I felt compelled to get into it. 

Which is fine, because it's for a super good cause. Slaying ovarian cancer and funding research. So here I am - year four, day one, Nancybird.

Back to the frock. Nancybird's Layla Dress - she's sweet. A great cut that's easy to throw on, looks equally great with flats as it does with heels, and perfect for steamy summer days. 

If you've never heard me talking about Frocktober - and why not - it's all about raising funds for research into ovarian cancer, and raising awareness. And of course, on the side agenda, it's about frocks too. Because that's a bit fun.

This year I'm aiming to raise $10,000. Last year I hit $13k. Surely I can beat that. With your help of course. 

All money raised goes to Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation.
Please sponsor me today and help fund research into ovarian cancer. 

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