Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Frocktober 2015: Day 13 - Vintage and made by my Mum (a guide to awkward poses)

Frocktober is not just about the frocks. It actually becomes a month-long marathon of awkward poses. 

My case in point? See above. 

It's often been the case that when having my frock documented - how awkward it is to move your limbs so you don't look like a giant goofball. My case in point? See below. 

This is what I call my Kate Middleton pose. 

Composed. Hand holding. Restrained. 

This is known as the 'I don't know what to do, so I'll just do this ironic Charleston manoeuvre and hopefully not dislocate my knee'. 

Why don't you try some of these poses yourself? Given I can do them, they're really quite easy to employ. 

And the main reason you're here is for the dress. My Mum made it many, many years ago and I love wearing it for that reason. It was made by her, for her. And Matt calls it 'iconic Lexi'. It's something I wore regularly when we first met. 

PS Please sponsor me. Awkward poses and all. 

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