Friday, 16 October 2015

Frocktober 2015: A little frocking help from my frocking friends

Doing Frocktober is a lot of frocking work. It might not seem that way, it includes:
a) frocking up
b) getting a photo of me every single day for 31 days (cue awkward poses)
c) documenting it
d) getting people to sponsor me
e) thinking up themes
f) doing YouTube tutorials for said themes
g) getting up early enough to do said tutorials and get ready - 

it's demanding. And this year has been exceptionally tough given I've started a new job and it is super duper busy. (of course the kick back is huge, over the last four years I have raised over $20K).

But I've got my game face on. Let's do this

To my delight, this afternoon I took a peek at Facebook and discovered my former colleagues all frocked up in my honour - including some men. My goodness. You don't even know how much this touched me! IT TOUCHED ME! It totally made my day. In fact I just feel a bit wired still. 

They raised money, they dressed up the drinks trolley (yes you read right) with my pom poms and they did Frocktober frocking proud. 

Thank you my friends! Thank you!! 

And here's today's frock. I almost forgot to document it. But it's one of my all-time favourites, by Obus. 

Sponsor me here, I need to hit the high notes next week, and there'll be  a reward. 

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