Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Best Friends

I overheard Noah say to Matt tonight - 'Will you be my best friend tomorrow?' He saw me listening and then giggled, then said that I could be his best friend too. I'm taking mental snapshots of these moments. I know they won't last forever, our little newborn is now three years old.

Today was such a great day. I was lying in bed waiting for Noah to wake up (nb: this rarely ever happens, it's just that he's been resisting bed at night - and even outdoing Matt and I), when he wondered in, tired eyes, dishevelled hair, followed by Bella the dog (they have been pretty well inseparable since we came to housesit).
Last night Matt had blown up balloons. Noah walked out a little dazzled by this combined with the effect of a pile of presents (presents have the same effect on me too). It only took about fifteen minutes for him to get through everything.

We visited a small local zoo, decorated cakes, played with his new trains, chatted and had a beautiful day together.
Mmmm. Birthdays are good.

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Sarah said...

Happy happy birthday Noah-Bean!

Remember....it's good to be 3