Monday, 19 May 2008

Three Years Ago...

I was sitting down to spaghetti bolognaise with Matt, trying to ignore the contractions getting more and more intense.. In and out of a hot candelit bath, sitting in darkened rooms.. Waiting, waiting and riding those waves of intensity and imminent joy..

Tomorrow we celebrate Noah's third birthday.

My newborn, first-born big love, now a big boy.

A mixture of happiness, sadness, and excitement, all rolled into one big high-bouncer.


leslie said...

aww, sweet, happy birthday to your little fella : ) and i hope i'm that calm when my contractions start!

Lisa said...

Happy Birthday to your little one, and Happy Birthing day to you.

How quickly does the time fly (not when having contractions, I mean the years)

Kirsty said...

Happy, happy birthday to your big 3 year old.

lovely lindsay said...

remember that??! remember the birth and wanting so badly for just a glimpse at what he would look like - what he would grow into.
silly wee boys.
happy celebration!
love, lindsay