Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Oooh Thrift-a-licious

We nipped out of the house this morning for three reasons:

1. Pick up baby wipes
2. Pick up an art book for some drawing with Noah
3. Morning tea

The only thing we managed was the baby wipes. No local art shop. And the uber cool spot we were heading for morning tea at - not open. Hmph. We're going to go to Fireworks Cafe tomorrow, because I just have to have another slice of their cake. Mmm.

Thank goodness for the fail-safe country op shop.

At one I scored this cute cot sheet.

At another, this cool biscuit tin.

Lucky save I say!
(I did find some other bits and bobs, but want to give them a wash before I share..)


Kirsty said...

A good Oppy day almost makes up for the lack of cake.

Sarah said...

Sweet stuf Al!