Friday, 23 May 2008


This morning was very ordinary. Ordinary in a sense that it was just a huge mess. Scout got woken up by another small person, and nothing I did could get her to lull back into peace.. She was happy, but she was definitely meant to be asleep. After struggling for a while, I decided we would head out to do our jobs - and have morning tea. I can justify cake when I have had a bad day (or bad morning). Hey - I can justify cake at any time.

So we went to Fireworks in Austinmer, scored a little table inside. Noah and I both had muffins - which I have to say, were delightful. His was banana & passionfruit, mine - blueberry & ricotta. Oh. Yes. Please! And both served with vanilla cream. Mm.

Afterwards I wanted to head back to the store I'd scored the tin at the other day. I had spied a little blue hen that I couldn't stop thinking about. Thankfully I had called up and asked the man to put it away for me - and there it was in all it's blue glass beauty.

It's got a big honking crack through it, and been glued back together in a messy little job, but I don't care. That blue is wild.
Funnily enough, while I was paying for it, the man told me a story behind it. I always think that second hand finds are made even better when they come with a story.
He'd been lucky enough to go through the home of an old Sydney socialite.. Not sure who it was, but her house is about to be torn down, he said it was full of beautiful old pieces, rugs, bits and pieces, piled high. This little hen dish had been there. Apparently the house was frequented by Brett Whiteley who often visited the socialite. My ears pricked up at this. Matt is a huge Whiteley fan, and one of the reasons that 'sold' Matt on me was my beautiful Brett Whiteley monograph that my Mum gave to me when I turned 18. It was one of those things Matt delighted in - along with my love for Bonnie Prince Billy. Kind of like the deal clincher.

So this little chookie was meant to be. Nice to have a vague sense of history, but regardless I love her brooding over her little blue nest.

So my ordinary morning turned into an extraordinary day. I got my cake and I got to eat it too!


Claire F said...

Gorgeous hen!
I used to live around the corner from Brett Whitley, his studio in Raper St Surry Hills, he used to walk by our place to get hot chips everyday, we used to say he was in his 'hot chip phase' that was 1986-88 - can't believe it was THAT long ago!

Sarah said...

Blue hen is hot. Go back and find out who that socialite was. Now.