Friday, 30 May 2008

So Many Questions

Like clockwork, once Noah turned three he started asking 'Why?' about anything and everything. In a very nasal voice. For the most part, it's funny and interesting, and makes me question things more too - opposing the way that I've grown into an adult just accepting things which is a good way to live life.
So this week when I brought his attention to the changing leaves littering our garden, he started asking 'Why?'. Why is it Autumn? Why is it cold? Why do the leaves change? All good feasible questions - and some of which I don't really know the answer to, or how to explain them to an inquisitive three year old.

We did some craft after we talked about Autumn and how it would soon be Winter (Why?). We picked up leaves from our garden. Stuck them to the window. Noah did some colouring and I cut them out into leaf shapes. It was a cute little installation. Until he decided he didn't want it up anymore.
On a fun note, we're going to meet up with one of my girlfriends this weekend at the Toy Boats exhibition. So, So cute.


Kirsty said...

Why? Hurts my head. My kids have stopped asking...probably because...just because OR because I said so. Ha Ha.

Claire F said...

Oh yes, does my head in, Parker has moved on a little bit, on to 'isn't it Mummy?' and 'don't I Mummy' - so I'm just saying 'yes' to the most ridiculous things, rather than trying to explain them, much easier!!