Monday, 30 June 2008


Greetings! Salutations to the sun! Hola. Or just hi - it's me, the super dooper spoilt one. Just back from my birthday festivities. All birthday-ed out. Suffering from birthday fatigue. It's the sweetest sort of tiredness isn't it?

Early morning phone calls from Perth and Scone. In bed with my two babes and my big man, opening a pile of presents. Well, my little guy was doing most of the opening, I was really more like an innocent bystander while he got great joy from tearing off the paper. A fresh cup of tea in my new tea cup.. Oh sweet love!

We had a full day of fun and shenanigans yesterday. Breakfast at
Fratelli Paradiso. Mmm. With my sister (who, oh my goodness, if you're like me you'll fall off your chair, has reaquainted herself with her blog after a two month extended hiatus) and one of my good friends. Breakfast risolata... Almond croissant. Eggs. Upside down muffins. And a missing baby-cino (oh and then there's what everyone else ordered... Kidding!)

Then off to the zoo. Mayhem. Pure mayhem. Never go to
Taronga Zoo in the middle of a perfect sunny winter Sunday. Unless you want to park your car forever away and you want to act as a flaneur, rather than animal watching. I hardly saw any animals. Our pram almost got flattened by the train (with my babe in it). But my little man got to feed turkeys, a pig, chickens and see newborn piglets - oh and pat a big fat blue-tongue lizard.

But the new
Great Southern Oceans exhibit has just opened - which is really amazing. Well it will be once all the animals are in (hey, wow, some seaweed - wild!).

And there was a pretty new baby gorilla - super cute.

All in all, a beautiful day.

And the presents. Oh the presents. A beautiful necklace from my man-child. A fantastic and much-wanted new bag from my sister ChoccyBangles - amongst other beautiful things. A gorgeous almost-finished quilt from my sister Curious Bunny - amongst other beautiful things. A gift voucher to my favourite day spa, measuring cups and gorgeous earrings. Books. Love. Handmade cards. New PJs. Oh gosh, I am so spoilt it's embarrassing.

Indeed, I am a fortunate soul.


Anna said...

Happy Birthday! Sounds like you had a good day, what a present haul too!

Lisa said...


Looks like someone is loved by many people.

Paper Dolls for Boys said...

Happy Birthday just a little late!!!

I was looking at the photos before I read and I was thinking what a great score of presents your little one got and then I read they were YOURS! I was a tad jealous. I'm going to have to leave this post up on my screen and casually refer to it when my husband walks by!

Glad you enjoyed your day!

Bird Bath said...

Glad you had such a lovely birthday - sounds like it was perfect! Yes birthday fatigue is sweet...