Friday, 27 June 2008

Sayer It Ain't So

My oh my, Leo Sayer sure gets around. Now he's springing up on The Wiggles in the morning.

I think he's hilarious. My little man just thinks he's a lady! I keep having to correct him and point out he's actually a man.

Just a few months ago he sprang up on
'Stupid Stupid Man' on the ABC. Flashback moments in high waisted white pants and the obligatory white waist coat. Ouch. But funny nonetheless. He does seem to have a thing for white suiting. He'd be a good spokesperson for Napisan (watch this space - next we'll see him doorknocking).

I had my first "Leo Sayer Experience" a few years back when I worked as publicist for one of our large department stores. I got the dubious task of taking Leo Christmas shopping. With a BBC camera. I spent the few hours I had to swan around the store trying not to be captured on celluloid (hey, maybe it was digital), though he did try and get me to speak on camera. No thanks, I don't want to be ridiculed on UK TV! I was 22 and really didn't know who this afro-haired semi-ageing dude was.

Then he moved to Sydney. Leo Sayer came into all of the social pages, he was suddenly everywhere, and always sporting that signature curly hair. And now we can all enjoy Leo as he morphs into a mini entertainer for the small ones - and a sort of parody of himself. If only we could all be a bit more 'Leo'. At least life would be fun!

But to celebrate the pending weekend, I'm sharing this YouTube video I dug up. Please enjoy the Captain and Tenille's intro (and Tenille's bowl cut).

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Tonya said...

I thoroughly enjoyed this LOL I LOVE cheesy 70's music. We used to always watch the Captain and Tenille show when I was a little girl, good times! : )