Friday, 4 July 2008

For My Husband

I'm stitching this for my dearly beloved. He doesn't know it yet. Well.. I actually started it for one of my friends, but it went a little topsy-turvy (read - I made a huge error when ironing the stencil on), and so now it's heading in a different direction. Hopefully he'll be forgiving of this wee little oversight, and love it with all its flaws (much like me). I know he likes the bird - he already asked me to make something with this one on it. So as if by magic *POOF* - here's the pillowcase being stitched and hopefully finished before bedtime tomorrow.
Word on the street is that Sublime Stitching has some new transfers available. I heard it at Mikes. And Michi was talking about them too. Not really into organs (I think they're offal - haha, get it? boom! boom!) myself, but hey - some people dig them.
And while I'm banging on about stitching - there's some great free transfers over at Pimp Stitch for all you rad dawgs out there that love stitching and love a bit of a freebie. Go forth and stitch!


Sarah said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! Glad Christmas is coming too!

Peptogirl said...

Thanks for the bloggy love (Pimp Stitch). I love the sparrow, it looks great so far!

Emily said...

Hi! That bird embroidery is looking great! Your blog is so fun! Love the name.