Saturday, 23 August 2008

In Case You Missed It...

For any punters that may have missed it, this week's theme for This Is....My Favourite Children's Book..
The book above is not mine, it's just an example of what a child genius might choose..
Click here and read what I was thinking (only because I am being lazy and can't be bothered to type it again - go figure since I just typed all of this).
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My formatting keeps going kaput. If anyone knows how to stop Blogger from condensing everything without hacking into the mainframe, perhaps you could drop me a line?


jodi said...

cookie recipe is bills 'oatmeal & raisin' easy peasy and very yummy.
email me and I'll send it thru to you

Katie said...

I must have missed it, oopsie. Great theme btw, bought back lots of lovely memories.