Monday, 11 August 2008

Six Things That Make Me Happy! Booyar!

In a funny turn of events Ethel Loves Fred and Pip of Meet Me At Mikes fame have tagged me to nominate six things that make me happy. If only this list wasn't restricted to six things, otherwise I could bang on and on about happy things, or even just things that elicit a small smile. But it's just six things (or do I get twelve because I got tagged twice?), ok ok, so brevity it is.. Here goes:

1. Music! Today - The Frames. I am a huge Glen Hansard fan. I was introduced to The Frames by a good Irish friend of mine (tanks for the intro Sheilsy, and top of the morning to you). We saw them play in London. It was brilliant. I continue enjoying their music, and rediscovering old songs - especially 'What Happens When the Heart Just Stops'. Enjoy it. Hansard has also formed The Swell Season with Marketa Irglova - beautiful..
2. Beautiful vintage finds.. I love the idea that something has been pre-loved, and continues its life with a new family..
3. Getting my groove back.. I always stumble a bit after having a baby (always being twice), but seven months later, I'm rediscovering my style again.. Big yipeeee! Let's call it, 'When Lexi Got Her Groove Back'. You know what time it is???
4. My family. Watching my little man learn - I love spying on him playing, it's such a nice stolen moment, and having funny conversations with him.. Listening to my little babe warble like a baby birdie in her cot.. My husband. Mmm. I'll stop now before I start going into Oscars speech territory.
5. Dreaming.. Of moving to the country. Of our own little house. Of being a rockstar (hey, a gal can dream, can't she??).. Of what lies ahead... So exciting!
6. Patterns and new flowers. I am not a green thumb by any means. But my orchid has just birthed three flowers, with another new one in bud.. I love looking at the sky through the pattern of mishappen magnolia branches all pointing to the blue. And my little garden is on the verge of blooming, whenever I go and look, it just excites me.. And a surprise, some ranunculus that were bestowed on me from my grandmother's house have started blooming.. Three white ones - that was a beautiful happy surprise - and one that greets me when I come and go from our front door.

I won't tag anyone, not for lack of want, but because I am being too lazy.. But if you feel like you want to play - be out and proud, tell us what six things make you happy.

Thanks Pip-a-rooski and Claire for tagging me!

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CurlyPops said...

I'm with you on the vintage finds. It's sooooo much nicer to find something old that has had a previous story or another life. Warms the cockles.....