Monday, 11 August 2008

This Is... A Work In Progress

I could show you my yo-yos again. But really, I've not done any more since I last wrote about them.

So this is my work in progress with my little man.

We're doing papier mache. We're doing potato cuts. We're going old school.

I carved some wonky shapes out. We likey! That was yesterday...

Today we ripped up our paper, we made our glue, we blew up our balloon, and now we're getting into the nitty gritty and mache-ing til our hearts are content (which for him is about 10 minutes after we start).

Anyway, this little mache creation is destined for my Mum's birthday - our Ollie. It's in a month, so we've got plenty of time, though it could risk being put into the dreaded 'to do pile' which means she might get it in a year or maybe the 18th of Never.. but for now, we're aiming for her birthday. Watch this space!
Check out more This Is players over at Three Buttons.. And thanks to Debbie for this weeks theme!


Hoppo Bumpo said...

Potato cuts and papier mache look like loads of fun. I reckon you're doing well to get a 10 min span of attention from a toddler! I'm endeavouring to do something with homemade paste this week with my boys. Not sure what we will be pasting ... but the result will all be the same .... glue everywhere!

flossy-p said...

teeehehehehe - looks like so much fun :D

em said...

OK - you inspired me - i am no longer in hiding and have decided to start writing, well, blogging, again... Next thing you know I'll be asking you for patchwork tips.

em x

jodi said...

Is that a piniata? I'm planning on making one for Che's 1st b'day. Fingers crossed it works out!

The Lil Bee said...

What a sweet thing to do with your little one. And for your mum! I miss papier mache. It looks like such fun. Such messy fun!