Thursday, 11 September 2008


I keep going to write posts then just like lightning, I forget what I was going to post about. But today, I am posting about posting. Or rather, postage.
Is it just me, am I the only one that has such a relationship with the people at the post office that I get shown their photo albums of their eight children? Told all their childhood stories. Reminiscing in a post office, while I am trying to rush out the door to get another errand done. I can never just walk away though, I have to stand and admire those wedding photos. Ohh and aah.
Anyway - here's a heads up - postage is about to go up (along with everything else) on Monday. So my little dude and I are sending out as many cards as we can while it's still 50c. Otherwise that extra 5 cents might see us hit rock bottom. Just jokes. But we're going to go hammer and tongs and send out some mail in the hope that someone hits us back with a colourful correspondence.

I have loved stamps ever since I was old enough to help my Mum with her stamp collection. And I know that borders on sound incredibly nerdy, but stamps really mark a time in history, as well as your very own mini-art collection. While some stamp designs are pretty average (currently at Australia Post is a rugby league collection - boo hiss!), a lot feature beautiful graphic images.

Anyway - you heard it here first, postage is set to rise. Don't tell me I never tell you anything. It's all ground-breaking news here!

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My little guy big loves receiving letters in the mailbox so today, we write letters in the hope that we get some letter-lovin' back. Anyone want to play postman with us?

PS - days 19, 20: I went walk to the op-shop and on my way dropped into the newsagency to confirm my massive winnings that would buy me a house. I don't want for fancy holidays, diamond rings, caviar on toast for breakfast, that sort of thing. Just a wee little cottage. Do you think I won anything? Nope, not a dime.

Next day of walking we fast-footed our way down to the train station to meet Matt. It was a little chilly in the air. I hadn't worn appropriate clothing. Naughty me.

And today is day 21. Once the babies are awake, we're going to check out the neighbourhood. This is my last habit-forming day. And then no more walking. Ha! Fooled you again. Now I will be armed and dangerous - I'll be willing to go walking no matter the weather. It's become easier and easier to get out there and soak up the day. It probably has something to do with the sunshine too - it's so good feeling the sun warm up your back, checking out this and that. Try it. Join up here.


cindy said...

The lovely Miss Curly Pops sent me something the other week with no stamp at all and it still made it to me so there is a whole world of savings there to be had. I bet you Caleb would love to play postman as since he doesn't pay any bills neither does he get any mail. Glad to here you are offically an addict - to the walking that is.

CurlyPops said...

He, he, he....Miss Curly Pops is getting a bit senile and forgot to put a stamp on the envelope before she put it in the big red box! I thought it would be returned, but it seems the postie didn't even notice.....
If you email me your address, I'll send some mail to the little guy (I'll try to remember to put a stamp on it).

jodi said...

yes, Ché would love to play postie.

Kirsty said...

I'm so impressed with the habit forming. You won't look back now. I love that little tweet on your notecard.

Hoppo Bumpo said...

Ooohhh .... Argy and Bargy would love to correspond. I have to say though we are not familiar with rugby league stamps .... we're still getting through our extensive collection of earth moving stamps. They have been a huge hit here.

You've reminded me to dig out my childhood stamp album!

Christie said...

Sounds like you have a pile of pen pals at the ready, if you need a spare count us in!

Carrie G said...

I love your blog - you make me laugh every day...I love it! I have been thinking about finding a pen pal for my five year old boy, Sam. Interested?
Keep walking!

Mrs.French said...

my post office workers are not at all chatty...I must be doing something wrong...or maybe it's just my face?

Anonymous said...

I love stamps to, like mini pieces of art. My dad is a serious collector and I've been meaning to have a really good look at his collection. I was thinking of setting a challenge for myself of sending out one of my cards a day for 30 days. Should have got in before the postage rise! Thanks for letting me know :)

MYlittleFERRETS said...

You've dragged me out of my "lurking" - Love your post and you make me smile each day. My biggest "little" ferret (4.5) would love to play postie too - we love a walk to the post office to post a letter! Love to be counted in :)