Monday, 13 October 2008

Show and Tell: Here's the Loot

this cute little 'wallet' that contains a notepad, pencil and pack of unopened playing cards, from tasmania!

Finally I am here with photos to show. Finally I hear you breathlessly sigh. You've been waiting, haven't you? Sorry. We had a sunshine filled weekend and I didn't want to touch the loot because, well truth be, I felt a little guilty.

Thursday night I drove up to the house to discover that there was one lone bin out on the street - the green bin. Full of sticks. Pattern?
I felt a bit miffed. I know that house is full of the goods. I know it because when I went and knocked on the door that day, I saw through the window. It's full to the gills. I know I sound like a wee bit of a stalker, but how can you be a stalker with two small fry in tow? You can't. They need sleeps, you need mental health time, you need to mop the floor, you need to cook dinner, I'm no stalker, unless you count stalking old stuff as stalker. Then well yeah, I could have been SWF but really I'd be MWFWTK (that's Married White Female With Two Kids).

I was turning the car around, despondent, when I spied the bin to triumph all bins. The gigantic white skip. Gigantic. Not your normal size skip. It was plus size with a capital P. Not satisfied with a bin full of sticks, I got out of my car. Wary. Was this a trap? You see, it wasn't on the street, I would have spotted that a mile away. It was in their driveway, I could see it was FULL! This was like the motherload to the power of the motherload. And then some.

I snuck in with torch in hand. Gloves in pocket. Mobile in other pocket (in case I got into some trouble in the clink and they'd only give me one phone call - well I could arrange other phone calls on my mobile). All the while I kept in the back of my mind that my mother-in-law has just graduated with honours from a law degree. Handy when you're crawling around someone else's backyard in pitch black rifling through their garbage, yes?

So there I was. Every time a car drove past, I ducked. As though they had some security company/police on speed dial. I am pretty sure there's no one there. The house is always dark. But still, paranoia persists, so I duck. Ready to roll, and rehearsing scenarios in my head. Sheesh, this was stressful. Each time I go back I am sure someone is going to pounce on me, I heard rustling I was sure it was the neighbour peeking at me. In actual fact, it was probably just a possum or a local cat. I'd turn my torch on, find something, pull it out, then torch off. Over and over again. I found gorgeous old crockery -but because they had tossed it into the skip, it had great cracks through it. Sad. But at last I had gathered a small pile. I loaded it into the car. I drove home. Tingling.

After a little while, and some consultation with my sister and Cindy from bugandpop, I conned Matt into coming with me - on the proviso that he wasn't going to come to the bin, he was only the driver. Spicy huh? Like this time I had myself my very own getaway vehicle. Does this make him an accessory to the crime? Gosh I hope so. I don't want to sit in the cell alone.

I ran back in, with unbridled confidence - like I was born to do this. Scavenge through other people's trash. What a calling! I looted like there was no tomorrow. I got a few more things. Kept hiding in the darkness when cars went past. Piled my stash up and made my way back to the car, then - fell in a hole twisted my ankle, ouch! Matt was sitting in the car - half in shock, maybe half in awe - that I just picked myself up hobbled to the boot loaded the stuff in, and then went straight back to the skip. That's show business folks, on with the show.

But all the while, in the back of my head - I was thinking, my goodness, I am about to get arrested for being in this yard with a torch and rubber gloves. Imagine telling people that. The next day, sore ankle and very sore back - but loads of goodies to sort through.

This is it. This is my loot for the week.
I'll post my pics tomorrow.... Yes, there's more!


Taccolina said...

Oh. My. I'm sorry to hear about your ankle, but one must suffer for beauty, and you've got a few beauties there. I nearly wept when I got to the biscuit and flour tins at the end. Ahhh. Well done, you intrepid hunter, you!

Amy (badskirt) said...

I have no idea what that big cast iron metal thing is, but I'm certain that I need one. If you manage to steal (err... umm... find) another one, do let me know!

You've done quite well! And I love the stories that go with each hunt.

Hoppo Bumpo said...

I tell you, truth is always stranger than fiction. I was on the edge of my seat reading this - its excellent. Absolutely hilarious (except for the ankle of course ... technically an injury in the commission of a felony???)

I am very envious of the beautiful gem iron you have found. That must have weighed a ton. Can't wait to see the rest!

CurlyPops said...

We used to have one of those cast iron idea what it was actually for, but we used it to soften gingernut biccies and make them into little wells that you fill with caramel..yum!
I love reading about your super secret bin hopping missions...I'm waiting in anticipation for the next instalment.
PS Hope the ankle has recovered enough so you can still climb in!

jodi said...

yes, i was on the edge of my seat too. waiting in anticipation for the next part of the story. Sorry to hear about your ankle...but loving that Tasmanian wallet. Can't wait for more pics

flossy-p said...

What an exciting post!

I love that the house that was filled to the gills is filtering it's way slowly to fill your house to the gills. :)

I hate to be the one to ask, but I'm worried about you... What happens when the bins do dry up of goodness? And there's no more to be had? Will we have to medicate you?

Cass said...

Once again I am chuckling away at my computer and my partner is looking at me strangely from the lounge. Sorry about your ankle but it looks like it was worth it.

Katanya said...

wow you are one dedicated scavenger, I hope your ankle is okay, I am sure you are basking in the glow of your collected treasures :)

Kirsty said...

Yet another incredible haul.

In response to Flossy P. I think it may be a bit of a relief when it's finally over.

Thrilling as the whole affair is ... a girl can only stand so much excitement (or find storage for such wonderful treasures).

I'm quite looking forward to filling a skip when we move.

cindy said...

Oh My GOD, I have become a bin pimp. When did that happen! I have images of me, disney style dressed in the devil suit saying "Go on do it, you know you want to" and Matt on the other saying "You know you are all mad".
Loving the booty sneak peak, can't wait to see the rest (In a G rated way)

A said...

Oh, this post made me laugh! Absolutely love the biccy/flour tins.

Catherine said...

You really have found the most amazing house! It's very impressive all your discoveries, those tins at the end are gorgeous. I hope your ankle will hold up for your next trip!

Bellgirl said...

Another great haul! you have a large house, BTW?

Anonymous said...

this reads like a wonderful novel! can't wait for the next chapter, I LOVE those cannisters!! hope your ankle is better so you can do it all again!!!

Paper Dolls for Boys said...

We have to come up with a super hero name for you. For real! Your catch phrase can be, "In your skip, collecting your trash!".

The thing that had me cracking up is how much fun you are having with this! I'm loving reading about it and your scores are AMAZING. I can't even be jealous anymore.

Super Cans?

mellimoomoo said...

You're a legend! I am also wondering where you will put all of this loot?