Friday, 7 November 2008

Happy? Moi? Oui!

Did I trick you and make you think I spoke fluent French? Oui? Well, sadly. I don't. But Matt does. But denies it. He's a handy accessory to have in Paris. On the one trip we had there. Four years ago. Hmph.

Today. What's making me happy?
Being on the verge of the weekend.

Sweet. Sleepy. Schlompy. Weekend. Sigh. Smooch. Sit. Sew. Smooch some more.

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cindy said...

The only french word I know is croissant - Does that count. I know my week-end is full of sew to glow!

mellimoomoo said...

oui! I agree, weekends make me happy happy too!
I'm having a happy giveaway too if you want to join in.