Saturday, 8 November 2008

Happy: Your Time Starts Now...

If you live in NSW or Victoria, you might well read Good Weekend on Saturday (or Sunday depending on when you get to it). I do, and my favourite section is Your Time Starts Now.

This week, I'm answering the questions:

My earliest memory is... treading on a bee and my Mum picking me up, plopping me onto the washing machine and getting the sting out. Or standing on a nail in the backyard.

At school I... always tried to sit up the straightest.

My first relationship was... in Kindy. I had a crush on a boy. His best friend punched me and gave me a bloody nose.

I don't like talking about... Money and politics. Both make me tense.

My most treasured posession is... my family.

My mother always told me... not to eat too much cheese.

I wish I had... a comfier bed. Princess and the Pea anyone?
I wish I hadn't... shaved my head when I was 18. I kept being mistaken for a boy.

My happiest moment was... I have a few, the birth of my son, my wedding day, and the birth of my daughter.

At home I cook... sugary baked goodies. They're my speciality. I'd rather eat dessert than dinner.

My last meal would be... dessert. Panna cotta. Chocolate mousse. Anything dosed up on sugar please. And a succulent mango.

I'm very bad at... tap dancing, or doing anything that requires a lot of co-ordination.

The book that changed my life... A toss up between 'Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close' and 'The Year of Magical Thinking' and 'The Diving Bell and the Butterfly'. All beautiful page-turning reads.

When I was a child I wanted to... be a lawyer. Then I discovered it was six years of university. There ended that dream. Then I wanted to be a writer, then an actress.

It's not fashionable, but I love... CSI. I know, I know. I've told you before.

Friends say I am... crazy in the coconut.

The song I'd like played at my funeral is... A toss up between this (start at 2:09) or this. Just jokes. Maybe this.

My greatest fear is... a hairy spider touching me or glass escalators. I hate them.
If only I could... sing better than I do in the shower.

The last big belly laugh I had was... rumbling and chatting with my son, watching my daughter cheesey smile at strangers.

What I don't find amusing is... people tut-tutting little people. Obviously they forget they were small once too.
I'm always being asked... can you pass me that thing on the top shelf? (I'm tall)

Cat or dog? Cat. I love playing feigning indifference.

At the moment I'm watching... my baby commando crawl around the house at record speed.

My favourite work of art is... anything by Banksy or I'd really like a big Cy Twombly piece (Christmas is coming up after all).

My worst job was... working as a publicist/shop girl/fit model/wholesaler for $8 per hour. That lasted approximately eight weeks before I quit.

I often wonder... where we're going to be in two years time - and what happened to that favourite pair of earrings I once had.
Would you like to play too? Please do - but before you do, hit me up in the comments box so I can come visit.


Michelle said...

what a great idea for post! I always answer those questions in my head when reading those columns - I'll give it a go sometime this week!

Monique said...

Your time starts now is the first thing I read in the gw however I don't get to it to Tuesday!
Would love to play too. Watch this space....

Stacey said...

Ooh good one!
As someone on the taller side of average, I get the shelf question a bit too!
I'm in. I love a good meme.

cindy said...

I am definately going to have a go when I have more time to string some sentences together.
I love dessert too, when I went out with Glen I htought I always love entress and desserts, so that's what I ordered. Confussed the waitress but the best meal ever!