Sunday, 9 November 2008

Happy. Yes. Yes I Am.

Whoa Nelly. What a busy, happy weekend. It's almost a case of thank goodness it's almost over so I can get back to routine. What what what? I hear you squark. While I don't dig Mondays, this weekend has left me pooped!

Matt's studying for an exam. I managed to take the two smalls out of the house for the two days and as a result. Pooped is what I am!
Saturday was a 1st birthday party and a garage sale. I offered to make some mini-cupcakes (for the party, not the sale). I made 50 of the little beauties, beautifully iced (butter icing mmm mmm). Unfortunately an incident whereby juggling two small children, a bag, two containers of cakes and the bonnet of our car resulted in half the cakes being tossed upside down. Yes. My handiwork in tatters, I fronted up to the party with a very messy arrangement of cakes. Thankfully they still tasted good, even if they did look like they'd already met a taste test from a tribe of three year olds. Hmph.
When we got home we bribed one of the dogs to play in our circus. He jumped through a hoop in return for a handful of kibbles. We treat our circus animals very well.

Sunday we headed off to meet a good friend in Bondi. We flew a kite for a while, hit the beach for a wee while, had a gelato (our first for the season), went to the skate park, then meandered through the shops. Such a great, tiring day. Headed home to get Tiny down for a sleep, and I headed off to a flea market, and then to Spotlight.

cute little Christmas box I scored at the flea market

Ahhh Spotlight. I chose a new pattern for my sewing class, only to be told they didn't have it. Back to the drawing board, I chose another. Ah they don't have that one either. So third time lucky I picked a pattern, asked someone to show me some fabric only to be told she didn't know anything about fabric. Bingo! How is it that she works in a fabric store and has no knowledge of fabrics? Even I know what double georgette is, I just didn't know where to look. Finally someone came to my rescue and escorted me to the double georgette, which to my disgust was all 100% polyester. Watch out open flames - poof! I'm up in smoke. I wasn't planning on moving to Sweat City for the Summer. Finally after circling the fabrics I found some cottons that I liked. For a moment I did think I was leaving empty handed. I scored some discontinued fabrics and a few others. Watch out sewing class, tonight I'm sewing to glow, I'm going to rock the frock, I won't dread the thread, I'm going to put my pedal to the metal and sew like crazy.
Happy much?


cindy said...

As long as you don't bitch the stitch you will be great! Sometimes cotton can be a bit of an endangered species at Spottie, along with assistants that know anything!
I hope Matt appreciated all your effort keeping them out of the house - hope you get a turn one week-end.

Ellieboo said...

Great Flying Cupcakes - no wonder you are pooped - a busy weekend. God Spotlight does my head in - it is such a nightmare whenever I go in there.

Hey that is one cute christmas box.

mellimoomoo said...

That sounds like a marathon weekend!
Love that Christmas box, how adorable. Good luck at sewing :)

Taccolina said...

Some great fabrics, scored despite the odds. Are you making a frock? I hope your sewing class is all smooth seams from here on in....

Hoppo Bumpo said...

Good on you Spotty. Things I have heard in Spotlight: I don't know about that fabric (snap); I don't know anything about sewing; I don't know what time we're open until; I can't tell you anything about patterns; I can't get you that pattern unless you write the number down (um, yeah like I remembered to bring pen and paper, because this store doesn't provide writing implements).

Can't wait to hear more about the new sewing project.