Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Runway To Reality

Last night was week five of sewing classes. I went with a mission. I had to finish some more pj pants for the Doctor and start on my top. The Doctor had been asking for the digger pants since the first week, so I had to give him some bang for his buck.

Given that I was just doing a pair of simple pants and had oodles of digger fabric, I was given the option of doing multiple pairs. At first I declined, in the interests of stitching something for myself, but after I finished the first pair of shorties, I rethought my options. I cut out another pair and got stitching.

It's here where I should let you know I had a few wee hiccups. Well, really not hiccups per se, I'd call them kind of large setbacks. I may have stitched up the legs on the first pair of shorties. I was determined not to do that again, as my friend the quick unpick and I were spending way too much time together. Maybe I did that trick again on the second pair. Yes, I'll admit it, I sewed up the legs on both pairs. Ahem. I did. It's true. Guilty.

So the quick unpick and I are well acquainted.

But I did manage to finish one pair and get a start on the second, and contemplate cutting out the top.

Needless to say, there was one very excited little dude running about our house this morning in new 'pamps'. However, not to be deterred by the fact they are in fact pyjamas, the Doctor's taken to wearing them all the time. Not just night time attire so it seems.

Ah well, I can dig it. Boom boom!

All this makes me very


Hoppo Bumpo said...

Great pants! But of course I was going to say that as I am making the long version of the same pattern in the same fabric. Difference is that mine are still lying in two pieces and your cutie is wearing his!

I made up the green PJ pants the other night and after drinking a glass of wine (it was only one I swear) sewed and overlocked one of the legs inside out. Unpicking overlocked stitching is not fun!

mellimoomoo said...


Leni and Rose said...

You're doing so well - they're great!! And I love your quotes as well in the previous post!

jodi said...

The fabric is great...so is the fit. He looks pretty happy - bet you're proud.

Watched the last 6 episodes of project runway in the last 24 hours. I got hooked. Couldn't leave the computer. So good. Can't wait for next season. Thanks for the tip!

Angie said...

That's the best bit about sewing for your kids, they think (nearly) anything you make is terrific (particularly if made out of digger fabric).

Great work

cindy said...

The quick unpick and I are still in a mutually exclusive relationship, don't worry about that! I tell you though they aren't as fickle as the bins, they are with you for the long haul baby. Those pants look FAB!!! Yeah you and the Doctor for appreciating they are sewn with love!!

Oh dear, my word veritfication is hootest (perhaps that should of been saved for the Knockers post)

Monique said...

Very cool duds on a very cool dude. My little fella would love them. Have got to get sewing...

CurlyPops said...

Hey they're so cute! And they're even the perfect length...shorts not longs.