Tuesday, 18 November 2008

The Sound Of...A Sewing Machine. You've Got To Be Yoking.

Week six of sewing - only two weeks to go. Last night I thought I'd better get the sewing machine going, get wild on something for me to wear. In fact I really wanted to overlock to let off some steam. Alas, I spent most of the evening cutting out a flibberty pattern, then the fabric, and all I sewed was this. The yoke. Not even the whole thing. Maybe I was talking too much. I always got tossed out of class at school for talking too much. Not that you'd know I sometimes talk too much (three posts in one day - no, I don't talk too much!).

So the yoke. See that piddly amount of sewing down the bottom there? Well times that by two - and that's the equal sum of my sewing. Hmph!

And have I told you about my sewing machine? My Mum kindly gave me my grandmother's machine. It's an old Husqvarna. In good nick. Hasn't been used for some time. I took it to be serviced to make sure it was ready for me (or maybe that was so I was ready for it). The people told me I'd forgotten the pedal - but not to worry, they had one they could use for the service.
I came home and have searched high and low for that damn thing. Even had my Mum turn her place upside down looking for the pedal and the power cord. Do you think it's turned up? Uh-uh. Nope. So unless I decide to just manually turn the needle-thing, I can't use the machine. I paid $100 for the service. Then it's going to be another $150 to get a pedal made up. Double hmph.
I've heard of people finding perfectly good machines on the side of the road. Someone in my class knows someone (who knows someone who knows someone - just jokes) who picked up an overlocker off a council pick-up then sold it on eBay for $300. If only my bin and I were still on speaking terms.
Until then, I'm hand stitching and waiting 'til Monday night to get the machine humming again.


Kirsty said...

I'll keep my eyes open for a husqvarna pedal for you.

cindy said...

I am telling you my old one is only an email and a short drive with the postman away. She is just sitting lonely under the stairs. I am sure she would love a chat and an airing.

momof2gr8kids said...

I used an old sewing machine for years and all I got was uneven stiches and tears...

Hoppo Bumpo said...

I think you are marginally ahead of me in the sewing stakes - I think I sewed and pressed about 6 seams last night (but I had a lovely yak and a laugh with a few girls for the rest of the time).

Good luck finding the pedal and cord (sounds like something that would happen to me - forever losing the key part of an appliance). Sew annoying.