Friday, 5 December 2008

Oh The Love

So I met the newest member of our family today. Oh man. She is sweet. So tiny. So delicate. Babies really are like flowers - as the days go on, their faces seem to unfurl like petals, they blossom - the reason my daughter's middle name is Rosie.

And my sister is amazing. She's baked and birthed a beautiful healthy baby and after all that, she glows.

Women are incredible, aren't they? I always marvel at our bodies.

At the risk of getting all smoochy, I'll take a sharp right here and show another wee singlet for the wee new one. The girl needs pink. I know this gal can understand!
And you know what - I'm going to stitch some more little things for this precious new babe.


Ellieboo said...

Of course she needs pink and lots of it - go to it - its your duty as an aunty:) I just also read your first post about the new wee one from a couple of days ago - you are right they are so precious and I know before my own I was so scared to handle babies - now Im like pass her/him over here, let me have a sniff (come on, who doesnt love sniffing newborns).

Loving the singlets and yes we woman are incredible :)

Taccolina said...

What a gorgeous singlet - sounds to me like you are an aunty in love. I'm so excited to be an aunty soon - too bad that newbie will be too far away to cuddle (for a while at least!)

Kirsty said...

Super cute.

I've got nieces & nephews on Rich's side but I wasn't prepared for how attached I'd feel to my sister's baby.

muralimanohar said...

How sweet is that. :D That's the fun of nieces and nephews...all the baby sewing, without the crying and spitup!!! :p

jodi said...

congrats auntie! Love your hand stitching!

Jogirl said...

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Hoppo Bumpo said...

There is nothing more exciting that a new small one in the family. Congratulations aunty! I love the cute little singlet - its very sweet. Now go wild with the pink!