Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Blueberries & Blackbirds

My baby loves to eat blueberries. I'm not just talking a couple here and there. I give her a few, she gobbles them up. Then sits there pointing at the other blueberries that are just out of her reach, and if I don't see her pointing, she screeches at me. She's on a punnet a day habit.

Like one of my friends said yesterday, she's going to live 'til she's 900 on all those anti-oxidants. Damn fools, the girl sure does love blueberries.

We've not been doing much. It's so hot. Our air-con has gone - poof!- it's not working, so we're best friends with the fans, and sitting very, very still. I've even taking to going to large shopping centres purely to enjoy their air-conditioning.

Yesterday we went for a post-storm swim. The rain was even cold. Strangely, there was steam coming off the footpath following the short stretch of rain. It's too damn hot.

Here are a list of other things it's too damn hot for:
- baking - no amount of oven time is currently acceptable
- scarves - no, no, no - strictly no scarves
- jeans - eek - jeans are not sweltering weather-wear
- hot food - we're into anything served cold
- too much physical activity - we're strictly slothing it at the mo'
As for The Doctor, I find him sneaking out of his bedroom after bedtime. I find him looking out our kitchen door into the trees. He turns to me and says, "Mum, look at that beautiful bird." I look up and see a big, black crow, resplendent in his feathers. It's Summer here and the city is hot.


Bek said...

No air con! How dreadful. My son inhales blueberries too, so I was doing that "me too" nod through your post.

Monique said...

Our Missy is a punnet a day girl too and they go straight through her. Her poo is purple!!

Hoppo Bumpo said...

I bought 3 punnets of blueberries two days ago. More popular than sweets in this house. Gone already!

Stay cool ...

cindy said...

Poppy's the same with cherries, funny little things.

A said...

I too am the mother of a 'boobayee' kid. Screeches for more and has blue poo.... Thank goodness for stain remover!

Michelle said...

I remember hanging out in shopping malls with little one (who is also a blueberry freak) to escape the heat. Then I heard that blueberries are $12kg in Tasmania and we never looked back....