Monday, 16 March 2009

Magical March: Day 16

Do you feel as though I am copping out, and anything that happens in my day is magical now to fit into my Magical March? Yes. Me too. But you're going to have to deal with it, awright, because for now these small things are going to have to make do for being magical. Magical or non.

When the Doctor returns from pre-school today he's totes going to be stoked because he and I have been on a man-hunt searching high and low for vintage Fisher Price Little People. We drove all around our neighbourhood last Saturday searching, searching - there were NO GARAGE SALES within a 10km radius (ok, ok we didn't really trawl that far), so we wound up three suburbs over. lThis garage sale, though highly organised, did not do it for the Doctor. There was not one skerrick of children's paraphernalia. Bummer dudes.

With my hands thrown skywards I went global. If only I could just pop on to my private jet, but nope, eBay it was. And eBay is where we scored the fruits of our search.

Guess what arrived in the post today?

Like I said, the Doctor is totes going to be stoked.


JustJess said...

Love, love, love ye olde Fisher Price people! Little People versions now are not pleasant. The old wooden ones were wonderful. Great find!

Kim/ungourmet said...

I had a lot of these when I was a girl. I should have hung onto them!

Taccolina said...

I had those ones, exactly! Wonderful. I suspect they are being chewed on by my nephew now.

Mags and Me said...

Love the old fisher price..I was doing the same when back in oz and also found none. not sure if they are stocking them in aus but they have realeased the 50th birthday vintage little people in the US and have the old design but new and bigger...I must blog so you can see