Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Like I've Hit A Rut. A Big, Fat Rut. Not To Be Confused With A Rat.

image via caruba

Ever feel like you've hit a bit of a rut? Or you're so consumed with day to day life you don't have the chance to stick your head out of your little home and see what else there is that might interest you?

I feel like that at the moment. That day to day life is all-consuming, that beyond looking after my babes, and trying to fit in my work, and being a wife, sister and friend, that there's not a lot of room at the moment for me minutes, let alone looking ahead to what's next.

I feel like I've hit a big, fat, unattractive rut.

When I was little and I looked at people who were my current age, I thought how grown up they were, how life was all sorted out. And I see now that I am here, looking out - it's not. There's still so much potential that's ripe for the picking, but it's choosing which way to go or even whether to go go go. Are you hearing me?

My life is pretty darn great. I have a beautiful family. I am very grateful. I have great friends. I am a most fortunate sausage.

But what's next? I need to shake things up a little. Feel the adrenaline. I'm not happy unless I have something new on the boil, I know that. But what is that 'new' going to be. I don't mean it has to be something big. But just something to get my creative juices going again. Universe, you hear me, right? Talk to me.


Cindy said...

I don't think you want to confuse it with a butt either, if you hang around with 4-year old boys that can happen.
I know exactly what you mean though, I need to address the same thing soon. It is so easy to be absorbed and then time just flies.

daisigirl said...

I would say that you just have spring fever but I think it is fall where you are, right. Maybe you need a haircut or maybe you could take a class and learn something new. :) BTW, I get how you are feeling, it happens to me often.

Kirsty said...

I like the haircut suggestion. Also a "project girl". Surely things are going to hot up on the house front...

meet me at mikes said...

Okay. Hmm. I hear ya. I think there's probably something you DO want to do. And you should do that. Bust out and do it. You write really well. You should write something. Don't you think? I do. But having said that - I think what you are doing right now is just PERFECT. So go figure.

A said...

I think I know how you feel... That's how my house decluttering came about. We all need something - the question is - what am I going to do when I have cleaned out all the drawers?????

jodi said...

it's challenging isn't it! I'll let you know if I come up with an answer.

Nanette said...

lord save us. i hear you.

Now to me you don't look like the kind of girl to let fate lead the way. You're more the kind to grab fate by the balls and deposit a ringing Glasgow Kiss on its forehead. Step up to the mark, I say. It's all yours, sista.

PS failing that, a bottle of tequila, a disco ball and some funkylowdownsoultraxs could be a temporary answer of sorts.

Home Girl said...

i'm cheering with meet me at mikes for a writing project. maybe that is already your background? ever had an idea for a book? having such a great blog is defo something to be proud of in the meantime. or selling on your junking finds - another obvious talent. can sense the creative energy bubbling away with the blogging. am feeling quite the opposite here at HG HQ.