Saturday, 25 April 2009


Today is ANZAC Day. Have you ever been to see the diggers march through the city? I love it. Though we didn't do it today, maybe next year when the kidlets are a little bigger. But seeing those service men and women march is incredible. It has really helped me understand that these are real, live people that went off at an incredibly, heart breakingly young age to fight for our country. And many of them never returned. It made me realise just how many people went off to war.

My favourite spot to perch is right across from the non-marching servicemen and women and nurses. My goodness it is a good spot. They see someone they know and call out and a short dialogue ensues, just as the marcher is marching off. Left - right - left - right.

So I'm watching from home today, with the stray tear in my eye, listening to stories, watching with pride. I love the bagpipes. I love the drummers. It's incredibly moving. If you get the chance to go and watch next year, do it.

Still on the Aussie front, last night I started making my first project from the Mike's book.

Ta da! It's not finished, oh so close! This is Angela's (Three Buttons) pattern (check out her blog, it's delicious. It's capricious). It's the very handy 'Shopping bag keep-safe' that my kitchen needs! Oh yes, it needs it. I try not to have many plastic bags, but they do somehow muzzle their way into our kitchen and cause quite a riot. What a mess! This is a cure, and it just so happens - shazaaaam! It's an Australiana teatowel. How apt.

And now folks, it's on with the show. I'm going to whip up a batch of ANZAC biscuits to keep the memory alive. Smell some rosemary for rememberance. It's a small tribute.
Here's to honouring the sacrifices made for us. Lest we forget.


Pip said...

Awww you. Look at you go!
xx pip

Fiona said...

I feel the same way as you do about Anzac day. I have never attended the march in Sydney but I have in my old home town when I was younger. I find as I get older though that the day is very important to me and I want to share and teach my children how important this day is.

I hope the Anzac bickies were delicious :)
Fiona Chard Dixon

Home Girl said...

am feeling inspired by your patriotism, am ashamed to say i don't often think much bout the diggers. think i'd better polish up my aussie love and my appreciation for such significant sacrifices

Monique said...

I remember going to Canberra as a kid for the dawn service. Amazing! And somthing I can't wait to expereirnce with my kids when they are old enough to understand. Beautiful post Miss PM.

Rach said...

We travelled on the train with lots of old men in uniform. They were quite - contemplating the day ahead. Just the occassional jingle of their medals...

Fiona said...

I get really teary when I see the old Diggers march. There is something so strong about them yet if you think back to when they marched in war they were so young.
My 8 year old son watched the news with me last night and we made the decision to go to the dawn service next year together.
Less we forget

Cindy said...

I love the idea of taking the littlies to the march but I think they need to get a bit bigger. I think seeing Mum tearing up is a bit hard to understand at the moment. Love the bag - yeah the sewing you!

Tracey said...

Pottymouthmama - I read your thread on 'the red thread blog' and clicked on you from there. I like your style mama and your honesty and your taste! Quirky and cute blog! I believe in giving credit where credit is due- well done on being a Mum, a domestic goddess, a loyal Australian and a woman - like you, I find it aint always easy. A very refreshing blog - I shall follow you x o Tracey at Velvetine Lily Blogspot