Wednesday, 15 April 2009

A Whole Day's Worth of Posting

I've been sitting here, opening up my blogger account. Closing it. Opening it up. Closing it. Trying to think what I can post about today.

There's not much, I'm afraid. Except to tell you, I've rekindled my love affair with afternoon walks with the smalls. The above is a shot of the Doctor on his trike, and Tiny's feet going skyward in the pram as I stride it out.

So I'll tell you exactly what's happening here. It's not thrilling. Trust me, I can certainly vouch for that.

Yesterday I spent about three hours tidying our pantry. This my friends is not a job I covet. But it had to be done, since for the last week I've been finding small elephant-like beetles coming out of there. Yik! I found the source of these pesky blighters and have removed them. Subsequently, I have spent the past two days on the search for them. Every time I find one is like a small victory. I run around the house with my undies on my head. Just kidding. But man, those things sure know how to breed. And what the heck are they? They've managed to eat through plastic, I've found them in a number of unopened packets - rice noodles, yep they loved them.

And on an even less thrilling front, the Doctor is still sick. I'm thinking he could work as a stunt double for a seal. His cough is as good as. Now I just have to bring out some fish and a ball to balance on his nose and it's a cert. We've clocked up five doctors appointments in the last three weeks. Yikes. This month is not Amazing April. It is living up to my Average April premonition.

Average April. I don't salute you. Not so far, anyway.

PS - Does anyone have a chickpea recipe that the kidlets enjoy? I'm looking, but not finding anything so far.


Michelle said...

That's a great photo! I love afternoon walks . And ew on the pantry bug fiasco! We have an infestation of pill bugs in our bathroom and they give me the creey crawlies, they do!

Monique said...

This is my favourite thing to do with a can of chickpeas and is delicious!! I always make double and freeze the other half for the nights I just can't bear to cook. Kids love it too.

Afternoon walks are beaut! Great way to kill those last few hours till the daddies come home.

Hoppo Bumpo said...

Three hours to clean out the pantry sounds quick ... I'd need to assemble an expedition party and several week's provisions (because nothing we'd find en route would be in date) to attempt mine!

Here's our fav chickpea (mixed with other stuff) recipe

Loz and Dinny said...

OK Chickpeas - not an exact recipe - I adhere to the Hoppo Bumbo 'stand back and throw' school of cookery -but here goes - I just strain the beans and bamix like you are going to make houmous. Then I add an egg finely choppped cauliflower or any other vegie your kids are partial to ... bit of finely chopped onion, season with a little mild paprika make into small patties roll in flour and fry in the fry pan ... make em small for small hands

Miss Muggins said...

I snuck some chickpeas into some meatballs I made, which I then chucked into some tomato soup. Yum, yum, hearty meatball soup. As for vegie recipoes, I make delicious chickpea patties that we have in wraps. I'll hunt out the recipe if you like.

Kirsty said...

I love this pic.

Can't help you with the chickpea thing. They don't like them. Come to think of it...I'm sure Pip's sausages in a bag has chickpeas & they ate that!

Alisa : Ink Caravan said...

But sometimes it's the 'I've really got nothing much to tell' posts that are the most interesting to read, since it forces invention. I loved this post Lexi, and the shot. Oh, and I have a pretty good lentil soup recipe if your interested but sadly no chickpeas.