Friday, 8 May 2009

Do You Goop?

A while ago I posted about making goop with the Doctor. Well today, it's a different type of goop. It's Gwynnie's Goop.

I've always had a soft spot for Gwynnie. Even when she went macrobiotic on us. I forgave her for 'Sliding Doors' (truth be, there were no exceptions, I secretly loved that movie - just don't tell anyone). Even when she stole my secret boyfriend and had his babies. Even now when she exercises like some sort of maniac for four hours a day, I still adore the gal. She knows her flaws, and I salute her for that.

Back to Goop. It's an interesting and useful hub of Gwyneth's finds and thoughts. Take her thoughts on fashion after children for example. I can see myself in that mirror too.

Or some quick beauty tips that won't cost a bomb and then some. Or exercise (and health). Bane of my existence.

And even some top film tips on the classics from a cast of stellar directors.

And off the subject off Goop check out this link via Kollektor. Something special for Mother's Day perhaps??


bugmum said...

I think poor Gwynny gets too much of a hard time for Goop, too...I always enjoy her little newsletter...good on her for having the guts to put herself out there!

Pip Lincolne said...

i like her too. i like her telly show a lot - she's cute, I reckon. AND you're totes right about Chris Martin - he comes from adorable-Land.


trashalou said...

Sorry, young Gwyneth leaves me cold. She lost me with the hysterics at the Oscars. Plus Chris Martin???? Euuuwwwww :-P