Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Embracing Ageing

I'm fast on the heels of 30, and to be honest, it doesn't worry me. I'm not losing sleep over it. I think I've done a lot in my short time, and I intend to do a lot more.

I intend to collect a few more wrinkles. Grab a few more lines. I like the look of those that are comfy in their own skin and their face can tell a story.

A few months ago I remember being transfixed by this woman's face. I just wanted to keep looking at her. For-all-the-wrong-reasons. There was something odd about her face. And after a couple of days, I finally realised what it was. Her face had no line. No wrinkles. Nothing. Her lips were overtly perky. And I couldn't take my eyes off her. She was some sort of fem-bot.

I'm fighting the fem-bot look. I'm embracing ageing. I'm going to fit my skin and own it. I'm going to get fit for my thirties. I remember when I felt my best, when my body was strong. I'm going back to that place. I'm going to love the crinkly laugh lines that find new homes on my face.

Because after all, there are so many people in the world that never get the chance to age - for whatever reason, so for them, for me, and as a role model for my little family, I am going to age gracefully.

Being 30. Bring it.


Cath from chunkychooky said...

here here!I couldn't agree more. I stopped smoking in my 29th year on earth and got fit it was great...then Busy came along...now I am very close to 35 and thinking the same thing. in dec i was on a mission to get fit and for the first time ever to be able to jog. I can now run 4 km and counting I go to the gym 3 times a week and have an exercise bike too, I would not be coping with an ergergetic 2 year old if I was unfit- i feel so much better and amm seriously addicted to exercise again. go fourth and sweat!!!

Stomper Girl said...

That's right, embrace it you OLD 20 YEAR OLD, YOU!

Personally, I'm the wrong side of 40 and I intend to put off aging as much as possible. Because the whole slowing down and bits of you not working as well as they used to is something I reject. But I promise I won't fembot myself, I just want to stay fit and active and happy, so far that seems to be working.

Mama Mogantosh said...


You're a babe in the woods Lexi.

I find it gets harder to stay sanguine when the numbers are creeeping closer to 40. Two feisty babies have aged the hell out of me in the last three years.

But would I trade a line?

No way. And I made a brilliant partner-choice too - he's happy to grow old and wrinkly with me, and has entirely reasonable expectations.

James Valentine last week had an intesting take - he thinks that women are too quick to cover greys, fret about wrinkles, etc. His theory: maybe you need to give up on being 'hot', but embrace that there is so, so much more than that to the package ogf attractiveness.

Food for thought, but a moot point, Lexi.

You're gorgeous!

Amanda said...

Personally, I loved my thirties so much more than my twenties. I'm more settled, more happy to be me, more content.

...and you're a stunner and, methinks, will be whatever age you are!

peppermintpatcher said...

I find a mind that has aged so much uglier than a face that has been lived in. Keeping your mind active and staying in touch with life keeps you young, regardless of how you look.

Kirsty said...

Power to you pottymouth. Me too. No boob jobs or tucks of any kind for me.

I'm on the slippery slope to 40 & I'm keen to keep in real. I like to think that there's physical evidence of the life I've lived & the lives I've gived.

handmade romance said...

here here! Im definitely with you on this. although having already turned 30 this year i must admit i wasnt looking forward to it in the months prior but we had a bit of a family shake up and the gift of life was definitely bought home so your last sentence stuck a cord with me. life is so precious. live it up! don't fem-bot it up! hehe : )

Kylie said...

Lovely post and I agree about the aging gracefully mantra... but sorry...as a post-40 year old, you almost lost me at "nearly 30"! Hon, you are SO in the best years of your life right now!! You wait, 36 is the BEST year. I don't know why but everyone who's been there says so - it's magic. You know yourself, you feel comfortable in your skin, your love life just sky-rockets... hmm I'm getting all sentimental now ;)
Enjoy these years! :) K

Uli said...

Embrace it, defnititely. 30s are a good thing.

I recall having a minor age crisis when I turned 29 for some unknown reason, but it hasn't bothered me since then. When I get to 40 that may change, but it'll still never send me in the direction of botox and fillers and collogen. Too much pain and effort to only end up looking alien-like in my view.

I do not embrace grey hair though. No, no, not at all.

Kirsty said...

I LOVE my 30's and everything that it has given me - wrinkles, maturity, appreciation for the fine things, creativity, a fabulous life and my little boy.

And at the end of this year I'm closer to being 40 than 30 - bring it on!

Great post.

Toni Brockliss said...

I know I didn't mind turning 30 but 40 has me worried. I'm 37.

I don't mind about my face becoming wrinkled or my boobs scraping on the floor. I am worried because I had my two children late (34/35) and I don't want to miss being with them.

Every birthday I have seems to highlight the fact that my children will be young yet will have a senile, old mum.

I would feel better if I could blame someone for making me feel this way, so Demi Moore it is. Plastic boobs, frozen face, lipo.
For pete's sake she does the ironing in her bikini!

I will not try and live up to these unrealistic standards. I do my best, eat right and do the crosswords every weekend in the paper so I won't leave my marbles behind. I also tried to iron in a bikini but seeing as I haven't worn one since the 70's, make me feel awkward.

But on another note, I could get hit by a mack truck tomorrow and I have spent the past 3 years worrying about growing old.

Just live your life and the rest will take care of itself.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Michelle said...

You're wise beyond your years. And gorgeous to boot!

h&b said...

I'm adding a decade, darl'.

I'm scared of surgeries, needles, weird shit. I'll pass on all of that thanks - I don't mind the look of some lived-in lovin'

Your 30's are ace - enjoy!

h&b said...

oh - and I too had a meltdown at 29. Drove home from work on my 30th b'day, sat in the car and had a pathetic little cry. No idea what brought that on.

But yeah, only time, and never since.

LouLou said...

so im now following you on the twitter and am loving your hilarity.particularly your commentary on the master!
i try to embrace the ageing thing too...but am a little closer to 40 than 30.its getting a little harder.lines are fine - its the baginess of the skin that i am not liking so much....never say never but I do find those fembot people a little scary.they look a little alien.

Swirlyarts said...

My friend thinks I'm mad for gleefully looking at each new grey hair - I have 3 and I'm 31! But I've never dyed my hair so why should I start now? When I was about 9 we had to play a game at Brownies where you had to guess who was who just by touch. I had to feel the face of a woman who was about 85 and she had a wonderful map of wrinkles all over her face - and what I remember most is that her skin was so soft and velvety. I would love skin like that one day - to show I have lived a bit!

Oh and you are definitely more doll than troll :) I follow your Twitter!

Liesl (Hoppo Bumpo) said...

Not really a fan of the fembot either ... that is, unless you also get bionic arms and the ability to do housework in half the time?

So I'm with you. I don't mind my nearly 41 year old face telling a story or showing a bit of character. At the end of the day, my main hope is that those lines are mostly in smiley rather frowny patterns :)

Good on you, Lexi. I liked this post very much.

Liesl (Hoppo Bumpo) said...

PS. A message to Anonymous ... put a name to your comments. Go on. I dare you. It wouldn't be Bill E. Goat, by any chance?

Pip Lincolne said...

You should see me.
I'm so oldy and trolly.
I'm the queen of old worlde troll.
My shop is really called World of Troll.
Troll on Lexi. Troll on.
Big ups to trolls like us, I say.

Gem said...

Where has the time gone, I can not say. I used to be thirty. I just wish for the years back, nothing to do with aging. Can I join your troll brigade Lexi?

Nikki said...

At 30, you're only just beginning.... I think women look their best with a few smiley lines and a bit of wisdom. They're certainly better company than 26 year olds who obsess about preventing wrinkles.

Jackie said...

Couldn't agree more! I have just had my third child at 41 and feel fitter, stronger, smarter ,more confident and happier than ever.Thirties were great and forties so far even better. Twenties? You couldn't pay me enough to go back and relive most of those years!

Also very lucky to have a husband who loves me au naturale. He hates that I colour my hair and loves the no make up look.

Age is an attitude and you seem to have the right one!!

Anonymous said...

You are definitely not a troll!!! A bit droll perhaps and not a trollope!