Monday, 22 June 2009

Life Rolls

It was just this morning when Tiny and I were on our morning walk that I spyed a fattened bee. It made me think about the minutiae of life. About how no matter what, life will continue, in whatever guise.

The bees will still visit the flowers.
The sun will still peek through the cracks in the curtains.
The grass will slowly make it's way through the dirt.
The birds will still make songs.

Life continues. And it's kind of comforting.

And it's just this afternoon that I've discovered that one of Matt's great colleagues died yesterday, after a long battle. I'm thinking of her and her family. And all the great stories Matt told me of her. She was a buoyant, vivacious lady. I know she will be missed, and fondly remembered by many.

If you can, please give money to Lifehouse. Maybe this way we can help those who need it, in whatever small way it is.

1 comment:

Christie said...

sorry to hear about matt's colleague

when these things happen to someone near you it feels strange when the world keeps on rolling, it makes me think about the Auden poem, 'Funeral Blues'...

a friend of mine is in hospital right now, so I guess I have been thinking about these things a lot, & hugging my kids extra close too...