Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Juicy, Delicious, Watery - Ergh, That's Me...?


Kindly Mama Mogantosh has awarded me with a Watermelon Award. To be frank, it should be the bananas award. Or the coconuts award. But I'll go with watermelon - apparently my blog is sweet and refreshing. Thanks Rach!

So I must name 6 things that make me happy. And I did do this earlier today, but it's easy to think of things that make me happy, so I'll go hell for leather and hit you with another six, and then I'll pick six blogs that make me feel sweet and refreshed too. Dig?

Six Happy Things

1. Playing 'Wanna Be Starting Something' up loud and getting the Doctor and Tiny to dancey-dance.

2. When Tiny says cat and then does the obligatory 'meeeoow' - over and over again.

3. Selling all my stuff on eBay. Not everything, but just stuff I don't need.

4. Finding new delicious recipes to whip up in the kitchen. Gets me in a frenzy every time.

5. Late afternoon sunshine when the day's been dull and grey. Loving that heat - no matter how weak.

6. For the first time in a long time, lying on the couch and relaxing without the gnawing guilt of thinking I need to be doing something else rather than just 'being'.

Six blogs that are ripe for a-pickin'

1. Tracey from Peppermint Patcher - Tracey's like a warm breeze on a chilly day

2. Kerri from Life and Other Crises - Kerri has a real knack for making me belly laugh

3. Sally at Georgie Love - Sally also makes me laugh, and laugh, and then laugh a little more

4. Michelle from Hugo & Elsa - because I am going to move in next door one day, but Michelle doesn't know it yet

5. Victoria at Earl & Cookie - so creative, so girl genius 'nuff said

6. Megan from The Scent of Water - she's inspiring, she's conspiring, she's wickedly wordsmithy
By no means is this list conclusive. I could go on and on 'til the break of dawn. So play along if you'd like. Six happy things? Hit me up!


Megan said...

Oh hi Lexi! This looks fun (and I was wondering why all of a sudden I was getting a pile of hits from your site - cool!) I'll take my turn sometime over the next week.

Taccolina said...

I've decided on sixes of happy things:
- Six shoes: three of different pairs of pink or red.
- Six new pencils, sharp and ready to go.
- Six extra minutes to sleep. No, make that sixty.
- Six plant pots lined up on a windowsill: fresh herbs for cooking up a storm!
- Six new recipes to try.
- Six friends to go away sewing with (yay!)

peppermintpatcher said...

A warm breeze... what a beautiful thing to say. Seeing you have a fruity theme going here my six things will involve fruit...

= strawberries whizzed up in the food processor and mixed with vanilla yoghurt
= whole pineapple baked in the oven, then cut up and sprinked with cinnamon sugar
= pears poached in apricot nectar and nutmeg
= blueberries atop a homemade custard tart
= cooked green apple slices topped with chopped walnuts
= kiwifruit - eaten from their skin with a teaspoon


flossy-p said...

Yes, your blog is fresh and juicy. I've always thought so.

Hate it when it drips down my arms though. ;)

Michelle said...

I wish you did live next door, you could teach me to robot dance...

Bianca said...

The Smurf and I busted some moves to "Can You Feel It" today.

Cindy said...

I would love to hear Tiny's cat. We could team her up with Poppy who does a mean elephant.
Do I need to say that I think your posts are tops? - I hope you already know that.