Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Think Pink

Some think pink stinks? Me? I think pink is the clink de la clink. Look at it sing. It's sweet and sappy, always snappy. Pink.

Other things I like:

- tea-cake fresh from the oven
- old school stylie Sesame Street - welcome back!
- perfectly brewed cups of tea
- that swimming is over for the holidays
- hugs and wet kisses from my smalls
- the sound of the front door when Matt arrives home

Et tu?


peppermintpatcher said...

= Listening to my son laugh when he's watching a DVD
= Knowing that my daughter has a guy who is totally smitten by her
Putting the very last stitch into a quilt
= Visiting the post office and imagining the face of the person when they receive the mail
= The sound of my Pete's car pulling into the drive each afternoon

Michelle said...

* my hot water bottle
* friends who know when to ask "are you OK?"
* Scott unlocking the door in the afternoons after work and yelling out "Mick! I'm home!"
* the cup of coffee he makes me when he gets home
* The blossoms that are coming out on the trees when everything else is dead-looking, grey or brown.

Leonie said...

-my favourite pink is a deep dusky shade, like a sunset on a Summer's night
-eggs on toast for breakfast that I get to eat while they are still warm
-kids giggling in their room because they are happy to just be together
-my husband returning from a two week work trip and spending the whole day amusing the kids who missed him so much, without getting grumpy because he was so beyond exhausted after 28 hours in transit and arriving at 9am.
-perfect cup of tea on a freezing morning
-the steam rising off the washing on the line as the sun hits it after it froze overnight last night!

Christina Lowry said...

- bubba "talking" and clapping his hands
- receiving packages in the mail
- getting to drink a hot cup of coffee or being able to eat my food before it gets cold!
- new stationary
- the feel of clean sheets
- the smell of onion cooking
- lovely ladies at the op-shop

Bec @ honi design said...

oh what a lovely list:)
- cups of tea with a good book
- waking up to sunlight streaming in the window
- going to sleep to the cound of heavy rain
- the hubby's good night kiss and weekend morning snuggles
- the taste of organic vege's with a good roast and a glass of red.

ps - OMG - I LOVE old schcoll sesame st!! are repeats back on TV??

Mel said...

Oh yes! the sound of that front door as my husband arrives home is music to my ears!

* I'll also copy the perfect cup of tea and getting to drink it hot.
* sewing at night instead of watching tv (new for me)
* having the means to buy my son a new pair of shoes knowing full well this is not the case for many.
* the excitement i get when I check in to my favourite blogs (such as yours) and there is a new post to read!

Jade said...

- watching my son play with his cousins
- kym's cooking
- that moment when your cup of tea is at perfect temperature
- getting 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep!
- drinking wine with Kym at the end of the day
- clean sheets
- early morning family snuggles
- the sound of rain (when i'm not driving!)

Amber said...

Oh i love your things to love.
I so do love when my man walks through the door. The house buzzes...i love it!
I love the flowers that are starting the burst out at the moment. I see you have some like we do...hehe
Happy days to you lovely one...xx

Cindy said...

Little one kisses and the sound of dad coming home are always the best. I always try to fit as much of that into the day as I can