Monday, 27 July 2009

Sunshine Blogging

I'm sitting by the window with the sunlight streaming through. The windows may be dirty but the sun knows it's way by rote. Some asked for proof that Spring is coming. Packing its bags from one part of the world, to wing into our part of the world. If this sunshine isn't enough, I don't know what is. But here you have a list that I am busy compiling:

- the birds are singing
- the cherry blossoms are starting
- the camellias are still blooming
- the magnolias are on their way in
- shy jonquils and daffodils are making an entrance
- I can stand to be oustide for longer, even hanging the clothes out is becoming more bearable
- the sun is hanging out with us longer

I found these books on my recent sojourn. They were 20 cents a pop, part of that haul. I didn't take them all, I didn't want to be greedy, but the illos are so very good. And the content? Timeless.

Let's Find Out About Spring - Martha & Charles Sharp, illustrated by Laszlo Roth (published 1963).

Here, let's take a peek together, shall we?

'When is spring? Spring is when it's warm enough to put away winter coats and hats and ...go out in lighter clothes.

Spring is when you can ride bicycles, go skating and play ball.'

Hey - it sounds pretty good to me.

Have you noticed any seasonal changes in your 'hood? What are they?


Michelle said...

Gorgeous books, they are lovely illustrations.

We've lots of bulbs popping up in the garden too and the chooks are laying eggs again - yay!

Mel said...

yeah loving the look of those books bathed in sunlight. Bring on spring I say! Like you I'm noticing I can stand to be outside for longer and the kids played outside tonight till just before five! Wahoo!

Also noticing the clothes drying in one stint outside instead of needing to finish them off in front of the heater at night ;)

kris said...

Blossoms! We have blossoms in Canberra... Afternoon sunlight is a little brighter... football season is slowly disappearing... and the desire for soup is waning...

Monique said...

We have jonquils already. And the wattle. You should see the wattle. August is on it's way!