Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Knitta Please


Heard of this way cool gal before? Knitta Please is in Australia and - gulp - she's headed to Sydney. Yeeehaw!

Starting in 2005, Magda Sayeg started covering boring, inanimate objects with knitting. With a whirlwind of response from the public she kept going. And going. And she still hasn't stopped. She's been knitting her way around the world tagging this and that. Now she wants to tag something big in Sydney.
I like the idea of bombing with a bit of yarn. Maybe you and I can join up and tag with the best of them.
What's something you'd like to see Knitta Please tag in Sydney? Me... I'd like them to do the usual suspects. The Harbour Bridge or the Opera House. Go forth and knit.
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Kylie said...

This is so cool! Thanks for showing + great news about Sydney's upcoming knit. Hope you can follow up with a knitta stalking?! :) K

Anonymous said...

Tagging that even a Nana can appreciate. I love it!

Hope whatever she does is big and loud and obvious.

pepper said...

yep, totally in! Let knitters unite and make something beautiful (and colourful and cosy)
I've just blogged about this too- how exciting!

veri maz said...

I'm sure i've seen some bits of knitting tagged on sign posts near me on Wilson St Darlington.
I had to stop my dog from trying to pee on them ;)

Bianca said...