Thursday, 20 August 2009

When Punks Turn Into...Punks


The Doctor and I are totally butting heads with one another. He wants to stay at home, I want to go out.

I want him to have a sleep. He doesn't. Then he goes to sleep for two hours and is in a much more harmonious mood. Thangyouverymudge.

He wants to dessert. Doesn't want dinner.
I want to walk. He wants to drive (50 metres down the road, Al Gore where are you when I need you?).
He wants to watch TV. I don't want him to watch TV.

Oh it's a tangled web we weave.

He's 4 going on 14. Why oh why are we butting heads?


Christina Lowry said...

I'm not much help, but I did see this -

Hope the butting of heads stops soon!

Miss Muggins said...

This is classic 4 year old behaviour (trust me, I'm a kinder teacher!) It's all about asserting his independence and feeling confident and in control of himself and his kinder environment. So now he wants to expand his horizons a little more and assert this power. Not too much longer to go - school will squash his spirit!

peppermintpatcher said...

because you've been a very good parent and raised a little one who can think independently. No doubt he has also reached the age where distraction and persuasion are no longer an option. Be proud - now he just needs to know that sometimes it goes your way and sometimes it goes his way. The social art of compromise...

Sherrin said...

Ah yes. I know this one well. *sigh* I wish I could say something wise and helpful, but alas, no. But on another tangent, the Three Billy Goats Gruff gave my two year old screaming nightmares the other night. Eep. Apparently there are trolls under his bed. Yes. Of course there are.

Bek said...

Oh, I know what that's like. It's tough.

When my boy was going through a particularly punky phase (we call it being a "munk" in our house, or a "munk rat" if particularly infuriating) I asked his preschool teacher how he was behaving there. "An angel" of course. I rolled my eyes. She said that he was testing the limits with the people who he knew would love him no matter what. I actually found that a helpful possibility. It made me feel like perhaps I was doing something right. You know, loving him and stuff.

Cindy said...

Oh I will trade you stubborn 4 boy for fiesty 2 girl and bet she will do your head in. I think it is getting use to kinder too, I know Caleb is really struggling with exhaustion and that is making him a pleasure to be around - hmm.

Liesl (Hoppo Bumpo) said...

Ohhhhh .... 4 year old boys .... I hear you sister. Butting heads. You and me both.

Word verification: Solladol. Maybe some kind of mother's helper taken by the mums of said 4 year olds?!

My Love is..... said...

I'm right there with you with my 3 y0 goin on 30.... ahhhhhhhh