Saturday, 12 September 2009

A Boy And (Not) His Bunny

We're chuffed to let you know that we're bunny-sitting for my nephew. The most chuffed of all, of course, are the Doctor and Tiny.

Tiny circles the cage at night like a crazed bunny chaser. She cries when she has to go to bed saying 'Bun, bun.' We appease her with news that 'bun bun' will still be here in the morning. She loves sitting next to him. Delights in him. Almost squashes the life out of him. This is bunny love.

The Doctor had a whole countdown going on to when we were bunny-sitting. Now he's on top of the world and poor 'bun bun' doesn't get a break. Unless of course Mama intervenes, which she has been quite regularly, to give buns a chance. Bunny has been fed only the sweetest of grass, patted non-stop, the Doctor could soon be the Vet?

And there was I last night watching a DVD (more on that later) thinking after a long pet hiatus how nice it was, curled up on the couch, patting the softest fur of 'bun bun' when I felt an even warmer feeling. On my stomach. Mmm. Warm. Straight through the blanket, my hoodie, and my t-shirt. Bun Bun clearly felt warmed too.


Aussie-waffler said...

Aww, how sweet, a special little present for you, guess it was Bun Buns way of saying 'thank-you'.

sophie said...

We have sweet little guinea pigs who are great for cuddles but by crikey do they poo and wee A LOT!!

Taccolina said...

Hot crossed bun?

Tania said...

Ahhh, a gift of love. Won't tell you about the time my Dad ate a sultana except it was bunny poo.

Anonymous said...

After all those cuddles how long will the pet hiatus last?