Sunday, 13 September 2009

The New Digs

In the past I have tricked PMM readers. Shamelessly so. I have learnt from my mistakes and am willing to move on. Are you? I hope so, because I have something ridiculously exciting to share. After a lengthy live-in with my in-laws, we have a new abode. This would explain the lengthy tidy ups, chuck outs, eBay flirtations that have been plaguing me the last few months, wouldn't it? Uh huh.

My needs in a home are relatively modest. I don't want anything fancy-pants. I've no need for marble throughout, a butler, or even a bidet, but I am totally thrilled with this romantic new home of ours. THRILLED! It's small, and things will be a little bit of a squeeze (Matt, I promise to keep selling my whole life on eBay), but I am willing.

It's been a long-ish time in the works, and Matt worked tirelessly to keep it a secret, but this weekend he did the big unveil.

Here it is. Who cares if it's made of Lego? And who cares if it only has one wall? Matt made it, and he made it to cheer me up. I can't wait to get the door mat down on this place.


trashalou said...

that open-sided look is ace for lettingthe breezes through to freshen up the place. Who wants to live in a stuffy home anyway?!

Original Mischief said...

Loving the shutter windows and the white picket fence. A home of dreams!

Michelle said...

ARRG! You tricked me again!

Aussie-waffler said...

You got me you sneaky trickster. Hope something perfect comes your way soon Lovely.

Anne said...


Taccolina said...

And the agent would say it's that fresh modern lifestyle with indoor-outdoor living and a viewwww.

Well done you sneakster.