Friday, 11 September 2009

The Movies I Don't Talk About

There are a lot of movies that I don't talk about. I watch a lot. Matt and I, we love a good movie. And we hate a bad one. I don't really talk about the bad ones. It's like I want to delete them from my mind. But then I think, well I should put up a lighthouse around them, alert the innocent to stay away - stay away. Don't waste your time! Watch a classic instead!

So here they are, just two of the movies I don't rate:

Made of Honour. No matter how desperate you are to see Patrick Dempsey, it ain't worth it. Matt wouldn't stay in the same room, and I fast forwarded. So bad. Unless you like a lot of cheese. But this is so cheesey it might well give you a heart attack. No amount of Patrick Dempsey viewing can redeem this atrocious waste of film.

He's Just Not That Into You. Scarlett Johanssen sends alarm bells ringing for me. That might mean I wind up being pelted with tomatoes, but really, she has huge hooties and acts the same in every. single. film. I mean she looks great, but she is a dud actress. Go on, throw a rotten tomato. I don't care. I'll stand by that. You go watch any of her films and you could mix and match her and you'd never notice a thing. NEVER!
And if I were Margaret and David, well I would absolutely give them a star rating, so here we go:
Made of Honour - * (that's one star)
He's Just Not That Into You - ** (that's two stars, only marginally better)


Toni Brockliss said...

PMM I love you more every single post.
Made of Honour I compared that movie to sticking my crochet hooks into my eyes.
HJNTIY - I renamed it I'm Just Not Into This Movie.

Cath from chunkychooky said...

I lean more towards Margaret than David. But I agree. Their word is gospel.

I feel the same about Scarlett. She is gorgeous- but so same- same.

Zan said...

hmmm I wonder what you think of Scarlett's singing? lol

Gillian said...

Not a Scarlett fan either but I quite enjoyed HJNTIY.

Ellieboo said...

Made of Honour was a big pile of poop indeed - couldnt agree more. The other one was very so so too.

Here's to more what not to watch movie reviews.

Christina Lowry said...

As hubby tends to do the dvd borrowing and we don't have cable tv, we are sadly lacking on the movie front! Which may be a blessing in disguise because I haven't seen these movies, and now I never will! More reviews in the future?


Sarah said...

Gosh, I hope you don't have a large male following PMM. Scarlett is well, scarlett to many a man....oh how my husband loves her - first seen by him, in Lost in a review on that. And then what about Vicki Whatever Barcelona.....what was that film about????

Tania said...

Since I manage to see movie a year (which really sucks because every time I renew my expired Palace Movie Club membership and then don't get to the cinema til next year which means that all up that one movie a year costs about the same as three. But I digress) I am extremely happy to hear about the crap ones.

Stacey said...

The thing about Scarlette is, she doesn't need to act. The hooties are out there front and centre and are always the star of the show.
If I had them, I'd never do a thing. Me just being there with those puppies would be enough.

Tina - Melbourne Vintage said...

'He's just not that into you' should have been called 'Scarlett Johansen - The Boobies'. I hated the way it was so sanitary with emotions - everyone had a tiny controlled outburst and then all was fine again. What a load of codswallop!

Bronwyn said...

Agree with first bigtime but disagree with second - I really loved HJNITY - thought the script had some really witty parts, kinda goofy romances, characters you just wanted to slap, nice bit of eye candy ie Bradley Cooper - bit of everything for everyone - saying that - my sister absolutely loathed it - so she puts a vote in for you!